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Obama Punishes Denver Sheriff’s Dept for NOT Hiring Illegal Aliens!


The Denver Sheriff’s Dept. had a requirement that it’s new hires needed to be United States citizens and now they are being fined by Obama for doing such a thing.

Yes…you heard that right…but in case you didn’t, I’ll repeat it:

The Denver Sheriff’s Dept. had a requirement that it’s new hires needed to be United States citizens and now they are being fined by the Obama Injustice Department.

Seems it is against the law in the United States to refuse to hire illegals anywhere.

You do realize that most countries won’t even allow you to VISIT if there is even a hint that you might work while there uneeds you are bring paid by your country of origin …

KDVR Denver reports:

The U.S. Department of Justice imposed the penalty, after finding the sheriff’s department had been illegally requiring that applicants for deputy positions be U.S. citizens, according to a statement issued Monday.

The statement read, in part:

“The Justice Department’s investigation found that from approximately Jan. 1, 2015, until approximately March 23, 2016, the Denver Sheriff Department discriminated based on citizenship status by requiring applicants for deputy sheriff positions to be U.S. citizens and publishing job postings with U.S. citizenship requirements, in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).  The INA’s anti-discrimination provision prohibits employers from limiting jobs to U.S. citizens except where the employer is required to do so by law, regulation, executive order or government contract.  The Denver Sheriff Department was not subject to one of the INA’s exceptions.”

As part of the settlement, Denver will also reconsider applicants who were disqualified and train human resources staff to comply with federal law.

The Denver Sheriff Department said in a post on Twitter, “While we didn’t commit this violation intentionally, we accept responsibility.”

Thank God that the insanity is about to end. Persons hired by a law enforcement agency are sworn to uphold the law, and Obama wants those same law enforcement agencies to hire people currently breakingthe law…. go figure!

I bet Obama didn’t hire illegals for the Secret Service … or did he?

This clip is hilarious!


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