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NY Times Says Joe the Plumber and You Are “Amateur Muckrakers”


My buddy Samuel Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher was mentioned in the New York Times so I quicky clicked through to see what the paper of record was saying and if it looked like it was one of the articles sent over to the Hillary Campaign first for approval – or at least some editing notes before it got to me.

In case you’re confused about that reference, all the news that’s “fit to print” was caught black and white and read-handed all over not just carrying water for Hillary and the Dems, but actually abdicating all journalistic “standards” (that always makes me chuckle) when WikiLeaks leaked emails proved what the rest of us have known all along:

Notably, advance notice of debate questions, promises and delivery of positive coverage and offers of editorial control over “stories” – in the reporters own words – for all to see in emails to and from campaign chairman John Podesta. A few samples of many:

“… We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed..

– Above is a January 2015 memo by way of former Politico and current NYT reporter Maggie Haberman. Note to Ms. Haberman: You’re not a journalist, reporter or objective writer of any sort. You’re a hack.

Times reporter Mark Leibovich emailed Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri various parts of an interview with Hillary and actually asked permission “for the option” to use certain portions. Palmieri then in return gave copious suggestions, including a reference Clinton made to Sarah Palin be cut and remove the Hillary quote, “And gay rights has moved much faster than women’s rights or civil rights, which is an interesting phenomenon.”

Palmieri even ended one email by (proudly, I assume) saying: “Pleasure doing business!”

.. Indeed.

Donna Brazile not withstanding, most critical thinkers would agree this undermines the very core of free and fair elections but what does it matter anyway, right? I digress.. Back to the article at hand mentioning Joe the Plumber written by one Amanda Hess:

Before beginning my own diatribe, I had to do some research on her first, right? Fine. I didn’t get far before discovering a cover-story for the Village Voice Ms. Hess landed entitled; “The Prettiest Girl in New York is a Porn Star.” Note to Amanda: Wrong.

I doubt we would argue about why porn exists and who is responsible but dear Amanda; there is no such thing as a “pretty” porn star. There’s nothing “pretty” about porn, it’s purveyors, consumers, apologists, or victims either. For you to glamourize it betrays what you would love the rest of us to believe about your own self, based on the rest of your resume.

Anywhoozer – Ms. Hess touts herself as a “David Carr fellow at the New York Times” – so really, who am I to even pretend to understand the nuance which goes into her reviews of HBO shows about “Girls”, Sex Expos, women’s pubic hair (or lack thereof), or politics?

On the other hand, I tout myself as an expert on 3 of those 4, so damn the torpedos – here we go! You may read the entire article HERE, but first, let me selectively edit it for you and of course, tell you what to think as a bonus. Amanda’s piece is about the Internet and Social Media’s prevailing effect on politics, complete with the pithy title; “Memes, Myself and I: The Internet Lets Us All Run the Campaign.”

Get it? “Memes, Myself and I”? It’s a play on words! Before you scoff at Ms. Hess – traditionally columnists don’t write their own headlines, so cut her some slack. Headline writers are there to make you read stories and in turn earn the paper more dough. The Times (according to the New York Times) reported a $14 million net loss for the first quarter of 2016 as it continued to wonder how to offset dropping revenue in print advertising, which fell about 7 percent. So shut-up about the stupid headline. We’re only tryin’ to make it rain over there.

Yet, ironically while The New York Times has been in the tank for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the company took a $41 million loss related to the announced closing of a paper mill in Maine. Lost manufacturing jobs. NAFTA. Clinton. Just sayin’. Awkward.

Back to some of Ms. Hess’ highlights and my heckling:

amanda-hess1the pic with my bio sucks compared to Amanda’s artsy one. damn. what does it mean?.. cool and artsy.

Amanda quickly establishes that there’s a big-ass difference between you and educated, responsible journalists like her and her buddies in major-media land:

“The internet has elevated supporters to the role of surrogates, capable of creating their own messages and running their own online campaigns on their social media feeds. Memes and other tools of digital culture empower them to twist carefully orchestrated campaign images — or candidates’ gaffes — until they take on new meanings and take over the news cycle.”

And don’t you forget it, you fly-over hayseeds. Twisting and carefully orchestrating images and gaffes, causing them to take on new meaning is THE JOB OF A PROFESSIONAL, you bunch of slapdash losers living in your parent’s basements in red States probably, no doubt..

Amanda then schools us on the history of ‘Yankee Doodle,’ Mitt Romney, mash-ups, Twitter users ‘sense of self,’ ‘agitprop’ and “right-wingers.” Notice they never use the phrase “left-winger?” Why? Because in Amanda’s world there’s no such thing. There’s only “right-wingers” and the enlightened, progressive (chuckled again) girls and boys of Hillary, David Carr fellows, Alinsky, the Village Voice, Obama, Lena Dunham and yes, Margaret Sanger.

So far, just cookie-cutter liberal crap ’till we scroll down to the words which uniquely out her as someone who might get some play at The NY Times. These are the important items illustrating what Amanda Hess thinks about anyone who would dare to encroach upon the honorable, courageous and scrupulous world of political punditry.

To Ms. Hess and her ilk – using her own words, you are “scandalmongers”, “amateur muckrakers” (as opposed to pro muckrakers at CNNABCNYTIMES MSNBCFOXCBS WAPOHUFFPONBC?) and “hacks” (aren’t you confusing us with Maggie Haberman?) oh, and your methods are ‘sinister!’

But the best is always when libs relax, thinking only their fellow do-gooders are listening. They expose their hard underbelly by illustrating their true agenda: Way, way down the page under the subheading “Social Media Army, Republican Division” Ms. Hess describes ‘Joe the Plumber’ thusly:

“.. that real-American figure who rose to prominence during the 2008 election and has since restyled himself as a honcho of conservative media.”

At first glance you think – hey, not that bad, she’s calling him a “Real American.” Huh, I misjudged her. So sorry Amanda, you’re pretty cool, right? … Well, not so fast because trust me, I’ve been around the Amanda Hess’ of the world for decades. She doesn’t write “real-American figure” as any sort of compliment. In her circles, it’s a slur to be called any type of American, much less a “real” American.

At Upper-East side dinner partires, it’s not exactly cool to be a patriot. You’re downright disgusting to value American culture or to believe in ignorant, caveman-like concepts such as *gasp* American Exceptionalism, Capitalism, the Flag, or the Halls of Montezuma for that matter. Amanda is repelled by Joe and all real Americans. They are the problem. You are the problem. She continues:

Mr. Trump’s candidacy has also made inroads among a constellation of subcultures with strong online presences — among them, men’s rights activists, pickup artists and white nationalists, all of which feed into the freewheeling “alt-right” movement.

Folks, make no mistake – this is what college-educated leftys like Amanda think of when they hear the words; “real American.” Especially the “white nationalists” part. Ms. Hess is anti-American, pro-Hillary and aligned with the most repulsive figures. Many in her crowd are funded in large part by a self-proclaimed Nazi sympathizer and think nothing of sticking a pair of scissors into a baby’s head while it’s exiting the womb.

Suck on that. Trump is against it. Hillary is for partial-birth abortion. On demand. Paid for with Federal funds. There’s some “real American” values for ya, you hackneyed, selfish, oblivious snob. I dare you to watch one of those, then look me in the eye and tell me you’re a feminist. You’d be too busy re-evaluating your vote.

In conclusion: Do I have to tell you if these Mao-ist wannabes get their way on November 8th, real Americans need to strap on your armour and get into the parade?

Fact is, the NY Times has long been an old, white, liberal sitting in a stodgy office wondering what this “Internet” thing is and getting it’s old, white, liberal ass kicked. Bye. Email Amanda Hess HERE

rlc-headshot-13… told ya.
Email Baron Von Kowenhoven HERE


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