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She Has NO ONE: BleachBit Trolls Hillary With “Cloth or Something” Server Wipe


Hillary is a ticking time bomb ready to self-destruct at any minute. The amount of lies she has perpetrated is unfathomable and has finally caught up to her. There is no getting out of this trap she’s ensnared herself in now. The proof is out, and there’s no running from it.


Do you remember BleachBit? It’s the software that Clinton used to make her emails magically disappear. As it turns out the BleachBit founder paid homage to Her Wrinkledness in a current side project. His new product makes an obvious statement. And it certainly isn’t #ImWithHer…

The data-erasing software known as BleachBit, was made famous by the Clinton team’s use of it to scrub emails from our previous secretary of state’s private email server Now, it is selling special “cloths” featuring the Democratic nominee herself.

The item is called the “Cloth or Something” — a reference to an Aug. 18 2015, response Clinton gave when asked if she had wiped her private email server. “What, like with a cloth or something?” Clinton quipped, making a scrubbing motion with her hand.

The cloths are available for $3 each. “After you have smashed your BlackBerry, don’t forget to wipe the fingerprints from your email server with this non-abrasive, soft microfiber Cloth or Something,” the site says. “Don’t wait for a subpoena: order now!” BleachBit founder Andrew Ziem… has been staggered by the demand.

Yeah capitalism! BleachBit saw a marketing opportunity and took it. They turned a joke, a meme, into a product. They’re freaking BACK ORDERED!

Nice to see that even BleachBit doesn’t like Hillary.

Does anybody really like Hillary? Methinks the answer is nobody, besides her local pantsuit distributor. They have no reason not to love her, after all. She’s a walking commercial for Lane Bryant’s “Working Lesbian” section.

These instances are laughable, but they also reveal something important. After seeing so many people slam Hillary “C is for Cankles” Clinton, I’m beginning to sense a common theme. She doesn’t have a very stable support system. Mayhaps she should seek therapy for that. Among other things, like her totes thriving, 100% non-staged marriage.


There’s a reason no one likes Hillary but…Hillary. She is greedy and only watches out for her own back.

It would appear that the tides are shifting, and they don’t seem to be in favor of Clinton .To be fair, there’s only so much string yanking and hex-casting one can do. She may have gotten rid of the emails, but the one thing she can’t erase is her sick nature.

Honestly, though, it’s too bad there’s no BleachBit for those crows feet. Or, I guess in Hillary’s case, the FBI.


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