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Murdering Thug Cries Like a Schoolgirl When Judge Lays the Smackdown [VIDEO]


It was a tough day for due Jaleel Smith-Riley. He’d been charged with murder, and he pled guilty. Then he had second thoughts and tried to withdraw his guilty plea but the judge, probably a racist who voted for Donald Trump, denied his request. On the other hand, maybe the judge wasn’t quite as mean as he could’ve been, after all, he took the death penalty off the table thanks to the guilty plea.

Smith-Riley was charged with approaching a car with a man and a woman in the car. His intention was to rob the couple, but anger got the best of when he found out that the man had nothing of value on him so, Smith-Riley shot him in the head. Then he leaned back into the vehicle and fatally shot the woman.

Amazingly enough, the man who was shot in the head survived. His girlfriend didn’t.

When it came time for sentencing, the judge pronounced the sentence and Smith-Riley, a dyed in the wool punk, reacted like this.

Smith-Riley was amazed that the judge would give him life without parole plus additional time, after all, he did apologize. Several times. He freely admitted that he “made a mistake” when he killed the woman and attempted to kill the man in the car. I’m sure if he had it to do over again he might do something differently.

Or not.

One thing we’re sure of, thanks to this judge, Julio Smith-Riley won’t be doing it again.


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