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Murderer In Face-biting deaths informed police that he “ate humans”


A young man was hospitalized after authorities said he pulled the most revolting stunt they had witnessed in a long time. He brutally murdered two people and attempt to kill another man, then proceeded to spit out a piece of human flesh, according to Martin County court documents.

“Help me, I ate something bad,” Austin Harrouff said at St. Mary’s Medical Center, according to Martin County sheriff’s deputies.
“What did you eat?” a sergeant questioned.

Then Harrouff replied,“Humans.”

Harrouff, 19, faces two counts of second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and burglary of a dwelling after sheriff’s investigators said he stabbed John Stevens III, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, to death Aug. 15 at their home on Southeast Kokomo Lane.

The story made national headlines after authorities said they found Harrouff on top of Stevens, biting his face. Harrouff was arrested Oct. 3 and formally charged with the murders on Oct. 19, more than two months after the attack.

Harrouff was at St. Mary’s Medical Center for several weeks, Medical staff said he ingested some chemicals that he likely found in the garage where he killed the two victims.

When deputies discovered Harrouff at the scene Aug. 15, he was choking down a piece of Steven’s face before diving in for another bite authorities said. One deputy ordered Harrouff off Stevens at gunpoint, and when a second deputy arrived, he used a Taser on Harrouff, but Harrouff wouldn’t let his meal (Steven’s “face-buffet”) go.

The deputy stated that he kicked Harrouff in the head several times before he got off of the man, but only for a minute, then immediately jumped back on him and began to chew his face again, according to the report.

Sheriff William Snyder told reporters that Harrouff exhibited an extreme amount of strength.

A Tequesta K-9 officer arrived just in time to deploy his dog who immediately latched onto Harrouff and allowed law enforcement officers to handcuff him. After deputies were finally able to get him off Stevens, Harrouff screamed at the deputies, “fuc$ing kill me, fuc$ing kill me, shoot me now, I deserve to die,” authorities said.

This is one deeply disturbed individual, and I have no idea how you could ever forgive yourself for something this morbid. Even if it was because he is mentally ill.


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