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Liberal Reporter: “Partial Birth Abortion is Not a Thing.” WRONG.


Samantha Bee is living proof that being positive, funny, clever, or photogenic are most certainly no longer requirements in leftist media.

I guess we can call it progress. There’s just one problem…. whatever the size of Bee’s audience, there is still an audience. Who she lied to. Of course, this is common in leftist circles, but this one needs a rebuttal. Samantha Bee stated that “Partial birth abortion” is not a thing, then she ranted and raved at Donald Trump for his comments in the final debate. Nope, sorry, Sammy. Partial birth abortion is, unfortunately, a thing…

An interesting detail to take note of, Bee’s obvious need to explain away partial birth abortion shows just how unpopular the procedure is. She’s trying to get rid of the idea. Kind of like a woman hoping to chop shop her unborn baby. Of course, she stops just shy of saying “it’s a heinous, evil thing for people to do to their own children,” by excusing the sick, evil, twisted “mothers,”(and the crap-bag doctors who perform the butchery) who make it happen. Sorry, there is no justification for sucking the brains out of a partially born baby for the “health of the mother,” or “if the baby has a terminal disease.”


Like always, abortion is wrong. RIGHT…because chopping up a baby while it’s partially hanging out of the mother, head still in the birth canal, since it’s “going to die anyway” makes sense. If you agree with killing a baby like this, for any reason, you’re morbidly disturbed. Probably a little bit evil too. Read Dear Evil Women Who Abort their Babies… Yep, that was written especially for you horrible abortion supporters. Not sorry.


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