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LEAKED VIDEO Reveals Clintons Prematurely Celebrating Presidential Win


Wow! Bill Clinton jumped up and down like a little kid on election night… But, He was premature, as I’m sure many of his lovers could confirm is a usual occurrence for him.

Really, though, is he 12?

Watch the Clinton fam have an early celebration after being told they were going to WIN the election!

Bill Clinton just couldn’t contain his excitement at the thought of raping more women in the white Houselike! This victory was so sweet because the Clintons really thought they were going to win!

Then as people started to get off of work, the Trump votes started pouring in. BUT, as reality began to set in among her “useful idiot” supporters . . . .

When it was clear she’d lost, Hillary showed “appreciation” for her supporters, by ignoring them and going out to get drunk instead. (Can’t wait for a whistleblower to leak a video of that!) She wouldn’t even speak to them, but she did dispatch her lapdog, chair of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign John Podesta.

It was reported that in Hillary’s drunken rage she screamed about “the Russians,” physically assaulted Podesta and her campaign manager Robby Mook, and had to be restrained and sedated.


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