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LEAKED VIDEO: Mass Chaos Erupts as Lawless Kids Try Escaping to Protest Trump


Was a creepy zombie apocalypse set loose?! These enraged teens chanting “open the doors” had a lot of pent up anger ready to explode, and then something CRAZY happened. It was as if the adults suddenly awoke from a long slumber, and decided to take charge of the entitled idiotic brats.

At least this is what happened at Dr. Henry A Wise Jr. High, when hundreds of millennials tried staging a walk out in order to “protest” the election on Friday.

But, as the kiddies attempted to walk out they discovered the doors were locked and they couldn’t get out.
See the video for yourself:

These children are like caged wild animals! Based off of nothing but emotion, and ZERO logic. Good gosh they can’t even vote yet, what could they possibly have to protest?! I honestly think people should have some kind of IQ test before they can choose something as important as the leader of our COUNTRY.

I for one would like to know what these children’s parents are teaching them. That it’s okay to stomp your feet in order to get your way? Again, this is why an IQ test is needed to vote.


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