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Last Call for Alcohol in Cuba: Why? [VIDEO]


The government of Cuba has apparently banned the sale of alcohol in the island nation.

To paraphrase Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi…

The Cuban people are hearing “No rum for you…” The government is reportedly afraid that the Cuban people will imbibe and turn nine days of state sanctioned mourning for Fidel Castro into at least nine days of alcohol fueled celebration.

Here’s what’s happening in Miami since Castro’s death was announced.

The comparison between Miami and cities in Cuba is stark. In Cuba the mood appears to be somber though it’s difficult to know how much of that mood is influenced by respect and love for the butcher who ruled the island nation for nearly 70 years. Personally, I suspect it has more to do with the Cuban secret police standing on every street corner and likely listening to every conversation.

Fidel Castro may be dead, but the butchers and terrorists – all good friends of Barack Obama – are still running Cuba.

And just to prove who’s in charge, “No rum for you!”


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