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Kaepernick Broke Football! Porter Bibb: “The Beginning of the End of Live Football!” [VIDEO]


With continued Kaepernick inspired protests, the NFL is suffering from the lowest ratings in decades. They are refunding advertisers and Porter Bibb says it is the beginning of the end for live football!

It is not just Kaepernick and his disrespectful antics. It is also a plethora of spousal abuse charges and other insanities coming from these morons they have playing today.

Like with the Roman Empire, we are seeing the downfall of society played out in sports.

Bibb is asked, “Do you think the decline is a blip or an inflection point?”

“I think it is the beginning of the end for live football on television.” He responded.

The huge Kaepernick inspired boycott of the NFL was the last thing they needed among changing TV habits, more access to world sports, and younger demographics. Bibb says it is a whole cultural shift!

It was in a steady decline already and Kaepernick pushed it over the edge! And w

Not only that, what Colin Kaepernick has been doing is not even a protest! What he continues to do on his employers clock is a lazy 3 minute antic!

Watch the Video:

Kaepernick has been responsible for a 25% drop in 49ers viewership.

Beyond that, the headlines include:

CATASTROPHE! The NFL Forced to Refund Advertisers Because of Historic Low Viewership!

FREEFALL: NFL’s Monday Night Football Loses Almost Half It’s Viewership in 2 Weeks!

NFL Ratings Continue to Plunge: NFL Players Continue to Protest.. Coincidence?

The most important?

YOU’RE FIRED! Quarterback Kaepernick Says Goodbye to 49ers Because of Protests!

With continued Kaepernick inspired protests, the NFL is suffering from the lowest ratings in decades. They are refunding advertisers and Porter Bibb says it is the beginning of the end for live football!

Kaepernick broke football! Fans are patriotic and this was the last straw. Players used to be of a certain quality and understood what they represented. Today’s players seem to have been raised sans parents! They act like children who have been handed big money! Joan Rivers was right! They do push the buttons in elevators and wait for candy to come out!

So go protest all you want Colin Kaepernick! A REAL protest! One that takes time and effort! One that means standing on your feet for hours holding a sign day after day!

You won’t do that! You are lazy! You can’t even play football well! Kaepernick’s lazy little act is doing nothing but hurting the very thing that has provided you with a lifestyle you would have NEVER had in ANY OTHER COUNTRY!



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