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JUST IN:Protesters Do the Unspeakable to MELANIA Directly In Front of Trump’s Hotel…



The left has spiraled downhill and become completely unhinged following Tuesday’s election result.

Some of this is very entertaining to watch and some of it is absolutely disturbing.

The media provides lies to the general public, saying the protests are peaceful, despite the obvious dip in taxpayers bank accounts. There’s been over a million dollars in property damage.

Apparently, calling for the rape of Melania Trump is very peaceful.


These protesters are really awesome people, aren’t they?

These actions, that are followed up with no consequence, speak volumes, no one in the crowd told this person to get rid of that sign.

Corey Booker went on Meet the Press this morning and stated, “God bless the protesters”.

Uh, Seriously?

When did it become logical to stand in the middle of the 101 freeway because you don’t like the president?

Think you’ll see anything about this sign covered on the mainstream media?

I’m going to go with a big fat NO on that one.


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