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Judge RIPS Into Kaepernick For Supporting Murderous Leader, Fidel Castro! (VIDEO)


They would. The list of liberals who love murdering thugs like evil tyrannical dictator Fidel Castro only grows!

It’s hard to believe how many stories there are on this very topic.

It’s truly disgusting, liberals claim to want equality, yet they support someone as horrid as Castro. Maybe liberals are just a bunch of low-info dummies who don’t comprehend historical facts?

Or, possibly they’re freedom-hating Communists?

I think it’s a good mix of both, don’t you?

Judge Alex Ferrer slams IDIOT Colin Kaepernick for glorifying Castro, claiming “You don’t have to be Cuban to know he was a murdering THUG!”

Watch the video:

I dare say you just got b!tch slapped Colin…


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