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Islamic Teen Becomes First Fully-Covered Miss Minnesota Contestant!


Good gosh, now this is a bit stupid, isn’t it?! According to “Women are asked not to make a display of their figures, not to wear tight clothing that reveals their shapeliness, nor to appear in such dress”

What is the point of a beauty pageant again? Last time I remember it was to show off physical beauty, how can you show off the physical beauty if you’re covering 90% of it up?! This is not about inner beauty either, if you want the feel-good section, go to church.

Plain and simple if you can’t see whether or not the girl is beautiful, it’s not a beauty pageant. But, this does follow the typical pattern society has set. Everywhere we are being forced to accept Islamic supremacism and misogyny as something that’s normal. Everywhere that American customs and practices conflict with Islamic ones, American customs and practices must give in.

Halima Aden knows she’ll stand out at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant — and that’s the point.

While other contestants don revealing bikinis during the swimsuit portion of the competition this weekend, she will cover her body from neck to wrist to ankle. Aden, a 19-year-old Somali-American, will wear a colorful headscarf and show only her face.

She will be the first fully covered Muslim woman to compete in the state pageant. She entered intent on breaking barriers for Muslim women, to counter the negative image that they are oppressed.

“The hijab is a symbol that we wear on our heads, but I want people to know that it is my choice. I’m doing it because I want to do it,” said Aden, a freshman at St. Cloud State University. “I wanted people to see that you could still be really cute and modest at the same time.”200-1

But admittance into the two-day competition, which begins Saturday at Burnsville’s Ames Center, does not come without a cost. The pageant has caused a rift between Aden and her mother, as well as some Somali community members who do not support her bid for Miss Minnesota USA.

Social media sites sharing news coverage of her participation were flooded with comments calling her choice to model “haram,” or forbidden by Islamic law. Encouraging relatives took screenshots of the positive messages congratulating her determination, which Aden said kept her going.


After contacting pageant officials, Aden was approved to wear a chaste, two-piece “burkini” during the swimsuit segment.

“We often tell the ladies that the swimwear competition is really won from the neck up,” stated the assistant director of the pageant.

Is that so? so why then are girls like this…1fce9a1a-b2f5-403d-a13d-1dd54057c6f3
Never seen in pageants?

I’ll tell you why, because, it’s not visually appealing, and neither is a beauty pageant where no real beauty is shown.

Get it straight from the horses mouth:


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