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INSANE! Endless Line In Virginia To See Trump Stretches For MILES!


This is longer than any kind of line you’d wait for in Disneyland! Further proof that if Hillary does win this election, it will be the same way she won the Democratic nomination, by cheating.

On a Sunday night, when most people want to lounge around in their pajamas eating ice cream and watching T.V. in order to mentally prepare for the upcoming work week practically every Trump fan in the area was doing just the opposite of that. It was a Sunday night and it was late, after midnight, but that didn’t matter. Literally, thousands of people waited in line for hours to see Donald Trump in Leesburg, Virginia. One of participant said the line stretched 2.5 miles!

Donald Trump has been soaring around to a bunch of battleground states here in the final days of the campaign to encourage people out to vote for him. His rally in Leesburg, Virginia was supposed to begin at 9pm EST but, sadly he was delayed, so it didn’t start until almost midnight. But, that didn’t matter. People stood in wait for hours. The photos from the event are INCREDIBLE!




One person told reporters that the line was so lengthy,that they had to be in an unlit area!

This thing is miles long!

See a few more images that show just how packed it was!2016-11-07-02-56-tellmenow-582096188a151-800x600


WOW, what an amazing turnout! This is a far cry from Hillary rallies in the past, she actually had to pay people to fill her seats…OUCH. Hopefully, she doesn’t get her feelings hurt easily because she just got slapped in the face BIG time.

See what Trump had to say to the thousands of people who waited in lines over 2.5 miles long into the dark hours of the night:

It’s no wonder Hillary had to cancel her little victory firwork show!


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