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House Republicans Finally Grow a Pair: Bye-Bye Obama Legacy! [VIDEO]


Barack Obama’s hoping that his Iran deal will be part of his legacy. It certainly will be, but just not likely in the way he’s hoping.

President Obama seems to think that the Iran deal is “working” and that it will prevent the Iranians from pursuing a nuclear weapon. This is coming from the same guy who promised you that you can keep your doctor and that your medical insurance premiums were going to go down $2,500.

Even Democrats in the House of Representatives aren’t buying Obama’s line with respect to Iran. Barack Obama and John Kerry – and Hillary Clinton when she sober – are the only people in the U.S. who believe that the Iran deal is going to do anything but accelerate Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon.

Obama was desperate to do “something” in the Middle East so he turned his back on the only democracy in the region, Israel, and wrapped his arms around the one country that does more to promote terrorism, Iran.


The House voted 419 to 1 to stand up to the present and demand that sanctions be extended for 10 more years. There was only one person who voted against extending the sanctions and that is Representative Thomas Massey, a Kentucky Republican, who appears to just have taken leave of his senses.

Obama can’t even count on House Democrats these days, and I suspect that Donald Trump will find a way to unravel the mass that Barack Obama and John Kerry – with early help from the sometimes sober Hillary Clinton – have made of the Middle East.

I suspect Barack’s legacy won’t be what he expected when he said this…

“We are the ones we have been waiting for…”

Eight years later it’s pretty obvious that arrogance and hubris don’t get things done. At least they don’t get good things done.

It will be a refreshing to have a President and a First Family who love and appreciate America, and who will work for Americans.

Enjoy your retirement Barack, the people of the United States of America certainly will.


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