Hillary Supporters Threatening Trump, Rioting, and Burning Flags! [VIDEO]

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Death threats against president-elect Donald Trump are going viral on social media as other Hillary supporters riot, again proving that the modern day liberal is an idiot!

Twitter was inundated with death threats, with leftists either hoping for or personally expressing their willingness to carry out Trump’s assassination.

Anti-Trump protesters were burning burning US flags in Portland area protests!

Death threats against president-elect Donald Trump are going viral on social media as other Hillary supporters riot, again proving that the modern day liberal is an idiot!

See it with your own eyes:

The irony is that many media outlets stated that Trump supporters would be likely to stage violent activities if they lost the election.

But the Trump win is going to shed light on the reality of the modern liberal and their willingness to do anything they want to get their way.

They are going to, like today, show us exactly just how crass and dangerous that they are!

Windows were broken and cars were also set on fire in Oakland as irate protesters lit flares and blocked freeways.


ABC7 also reports:

Protests erupted overnight in the streets of Southern and Northern California after Donald Trump was projected to be the next president of the United States.

Hundreds of students at UCLA left their dormitories and apartments, taking to the hallways and streets chanting “(expletive) Donald Trump,” among other things.

Many posted photos and videos to Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. As many as 1,500 to 3,000 people were estimated to be marching through the campus, according to authorities.

In a peaceful 90-minute march, according to UCI spokesperson Cathy Lawhon. Some were seen waving Mexican flags, concerned about Trump’s plans for immigration reform.

In downtown Los Angeles, anti-Trump protesters were more rowdy. People set a Trump pinata on fire before a man from the crowd lit an American flag and dropped it to the ground. Overall, official said the demonstrations were peaceful.

Police in Oakland made some arrests for disobedience and vandalism in a downtown protest. At least 50 protesters marched from downtown to state Highway 24, where a protester was hit by a car near the Claremont Avenue off-ramp. The victim was being treated for serious injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Officers were at the scene in riot gear, including helmets, gas masks and long batons as several fires were set.

We will continue to see the obnoxious actions from the liberals as the weeks go by I am sure!

Death threats against president-elect Donald Trump are going viral on social media as other Hillary supporters riot, again proving that the modern day liberal is an idiot!

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  1. RandyF says

    Here’s another tidbit that shows how you morons can’t think ahead 10 minutes to determine the consequences of your actions. If anything happens to President-Elect Trump, guess who is up next?? Certainly not Clinton or Kaine.

    Gov and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. Chew on that for a bit.

    No matter what you do, how much you cry and throw your little tantrums, Crooked Hillary can never be President of the US.

  2. randeoertle says

    Well there is finally proof who the true violent haters are. Just watch the coverage of the liberal haters on some streets across this country. When the ultra socialist Barack Obama was elected who promised to destroy the constitution, you didn’t see conservatives rioting like liberal democrats pay for by George Soros.

  3. TopAssistant says

    We need YOUR help in getting Sen. Cruz’s bill moving in the Senate! Why won’t Sen. Corker (RINO-TN), chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hold hearings on Sen. Cruz’s NATIONAL SECURITY bill he filed on November 3, 2015, S. 2230 titled ‘‘Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015’’?

    E-mail “RINO” Corker and ask him to hold hearings and uphold his oath of office/affirmation, our NATIONAL SECURITY, and our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation.

    E-mail him here: https://www.corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/emailme

  4. AlbyAden says

    I guess they want Mike Pence as President

  5. Douglas Weiss says

    I am sure someone is taking notes on who these a holes are. Lynch wont do a thing, but Giuliani will. Just wait till January and things will get straightened out real quick. These libtard morons who think they are God’s gift will soon be praying in a 8×8 cell with lots of time on their hands to meditate.

  6. Rat says

    We are living on a planet full of hate and intolerance, no matter what side one may choose.

  7. Francisco Sperandeo says

    Shows their mentality saying Kill Trump. Before he was a candidate, now he is President Elect and afforded every protection as the sitting POTUS! With that it should not take long for the Secret Service to start arresting them! Never in my life did I ever think I would see this happen! This is OUR CHILDREN we make sacrifices to send to college to get an education only for them to become IDIOTS!!! Has anyone noticed HILLARY or BILL CLINTON get on their NATIONAL MEDIA friends networks and call for CALM and PEACE for our nation? HAS ANYONE seen the CURRENT POTUS or First Lady get on national TV and attempt to calm the waters? The answer NO!!! Those same national media outlets are putting people like Al Sharpton on inciting the riots to continue! Simply turn on CNN, CNBC, ETC and watch where the call for riots are coming from? What do these ANTI AMERICAN IDIOTS think will come of these protest??? We are just going to say, okay a special group (and I use the term SPECIAL in proper context) did not like the results, so to appease these spoiled entitlist we will have a DO OVER!!!! NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! The truth was brought up yesterday on FOX NEWS (the only SANE NETWORK) that had the minorities not under performed in some crucial states we could very well have PRESIDENT ELECT HILLARY instead, so they have no one to blame but themselves!!! Again FOX was spot on when they said that those younger liberal voters are the ones most likely to have something come up, AND NOT VOTE! Go to the polls and see long lines, AND NOT VOTE! Figure it’s in the bag, AND NOT VOTE! KARMA is amazing! We were once those Young voters that had better things to do AND NOT VOTE! The main reason we lost out nation in first place! So they really have no one to blame but themselves! I’m just scared that there will be innocent people that will get hurt! Take the CUFFS OFF of Law Enforcement and as soon as their freedom of speech turns to criminal activities it should be game over!! Start by ARRESTING whoever organized the protest. They should be charged with inciting a riot!!

  8. Diana Jewell says

    Yeah, I hope so too. But they aren’t going to be arrested, nothing ever happens under the Obama administration.

  9. DHerm66 says

    Why aren’t the FBI/POLICE arresting these people for serious threats???

  10. Ellis Drewery says

    Every one of these anarchists should be thrown in jail for these hate comments. You can bet your sweet @## that if they had been made against Obama, or even Hillary, they would have been rounded up and thrown into the calaboose.

  11. Jalaine Fojut says

    Since Trump is President elect…they can all be arrested for threats against the president.

  12. Trish says

    Absolutely ridiculous. You can guarantee that if someone were to threaten Obama, they’d be in the pen in 24 hours. Guess I’d be upset too if I was about to lose my welfare and have to actually get a job. God forbid someone having to get off the couch and work for a living rather than have everything handed to them as they are so accustomed. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP! I support him 100% and will continue to pray for him as he leads this country. And if all the illegals are so worried about deportation, then get legal and pay taxes like the rest of us and quit mooching off of our nation. Clinton lost. Get over it! She can try again in four years after she has learned from Trump how to be a great president. Until then, all of her supporters need to grow up and move on.

    1. dog31743t says


  13. Laura says

    they will be arrested for this, they can run their mouths but they can’t hide, big brother will hunt you down and throw your stupid butt in jail.

  14. Elana Dawn Billadeau says

    Doesn’t matter if it’s illegal. Obama will give them a free pass!

  15. Just a person says

    Pitiful that these morons are unaware that threatening or soliciting the killing of a President or President -elect is a crime.

    1. Trish says

      Yup. But as soon as they are arrested, it will be some kind of hate crime. Guarantee it.

  16. gloria says

    so glad she didnt get in…can you only imagine the worse mess we would be in!!
    It is said the evil will try to prevail…the evil is still trying…Thank God for President Trump.He will restore the good in our land…

  17. gloria says

    Now is the time for change…..time to rid our country and society of the worst of the worst….these that have no sense….we do not need such as these in our society…

  18. gloria says

    I pray each one of these idiots are put in prison for threats against a president…
    You got to realize not a one of them has any sense…and is to be handled as someone on drugs…or a problem with their sanity….

  19. Jack Jones Jr says

    you know its a felony to speak of killing any goverment official

  20. Si Simmons says


  21. El Kabong says

    I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when the Secret Service comes knocking on their door and brings them down to the “station” for questioning! Not gonna be so smug then i bet!

    1. Miriam Farnum says

      The ones they can identify should have to rebuild all they have destroyed and defaced AT MINIMUM WAGE. SURPRISE, 2 days after the election, Trump won another state!!!! I BELIEVE IT WAS Arizona. His Electoral votes were 290!!!!!

  22. aliswell says

    The days of unrestrained police and National Guard response are coming. Just remember, thugs, you brought this on yourselves. Americans are fed up with you.

  23. Sammie Jo says

    WOW, they’re so stupid, that they’re asking god to have someone kill Trump! Seriously?
    I hope every one of them espousing this nonsense gets what they’re wishing on Trump.
    Isn’t this the group who are against guns, unless of course they want to kill someone they don’t like?

  24. Debbie says

    I hope these idiots are being investigated by the police/secret service. Just take their welfare money to help pay for the cost. Get over yourselves! Something happens to Trump you will get the death penalty and guess what Hillary still won’t be president!! Grow up!

    1. Dross Cool says


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