Hillary Reacts: Election-Night Undercover Video Found! [Video]

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It’s no surpise that the Clinton campaign was in total shock on election night, afterall, they expected to win the “rigged” election. Instead, the majority of Americans voted for Donald Trump for president and to “Make America Great Again”.

You’ve probably heard many reports already about Clinton and her reaction to the horrific election loss. According to Ed Klein’s resources, Hillary was an emotional wreck and “couldn’t stop crying”.  It was even reported Clinton became violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta. Clinton was so “out of it” she even made Podesta go down on election night and address her supporters.

But have you seen this “undercover” video of Clinton and her campaign staff “in the bunker” on election night? Check it out:

Ok! Come on now! That’s funny!

But seriously, if there was a REAL “undercover” video, it would probably be funnier than this.


H/T I Have The Truth



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