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HILARIOUS: Anti-Trump Protester Wants Hillary to Sue America!


These last two days have been utterly delightful. I can’t emphasize enough just how much I’ve enjoyed watching leftist diaper-testers soiling their panties over Trump’s election. My only frustration is that Etsy has sold out of bottled liberal tears. Bummer serves me right. I should’ve paced myself… Next time I won’t pour gallons into my bathtub.

It appears that this guy might get me restocked, though:

You’re very welcome. Put this clip on repeat if you must. Revel in it and bathe yourself in liberal tears. You know, it’s good for skin and soul.

The sheer, insatiable panic of the left is reaching fever pitch (watch ‘Peaceful’ Hillary Supporters Beat the Crap Out of Trump-Voter). At least this guy started off semi-reasonable. Violence isn’t the answer to a fair and just election. Good boy. Here’s a cookie.

But to suggest black Americans have been denied equal voting rights, then imploring The Wicked Witch to walk in and “sue the United States” simply because she lost an election fairly?

How does it feel, Trump supporters? The media, the left, has spent the past two years branding you as crazies. They’ve expended first world energy supplies into painting you as dumbfounded rubes, too stupid to tie Velcro-strapped shoes. The media has claimed you’re just a bunch of racist hicks, who supported Trump just to make America a white, nationalist bastion, whose only export is orange toupees.

Then along meanders this glittering jewel of the cataclysmically stupid kind.

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying these days as much as I have. These people are hilarious, they act like they have never heard the word no before, but here it is to all liberals, NO you cannot always have your way.

This guy says it best!


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