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Here’s Proof the Sweet Meteor of Death Is on Its Way [VIDEO]


There are people praying for the Sweet Meteor of Death rather than electing either one of the major candidates on November 8. This post has nothing to do with the election, but given the subject matter, the Sweet Meteor of Death is looking pretty good.

The following video comes from a BBC Facebook site called “The Social.” It really should be called “The Stupid” and you’ll see why. Fortunately, it’s not very long.

It’s not very long, but it does make a minute and 29 seconds seem like an awfully long time.

“Gender Identity” is the latest bit of stupidity being rallied around on university campuses all over the West. Far left professors latest idea to destroy society is to push the concept that “sex” and “gender” are different. You watched the video, you get the idea.

Sweet Meteor of Death where are you when we need you the most.


Since this movie was made in Britain, I actually think the British aren’t going to have such a big problem with the gender question. After all, Religion of Peace “refugees” are in process of invading the British Isles, the mayor of London is a Muslim, and likely, before long Muslims will run the place.

Once Muslims run the place they’ll make Sharia Law the law of the land. When Sharia Law rules, I’m guessing that a few hundred beheadings in Trafalgar Square will fix the “gender identity” problem for the Brits. Of course, they’ll have other problems, and good luck dealing with those.

On the side of the pond, at least for a while were going to have to figure out I will ignore these twits. My first option would be to defund universities and shut off federal financial aid for students in majors that don’t lead to a real job.

Or, there’s always the Sweet Meteor of Death.


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