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HAH! Watch Traffic Reporter Hand Hillary Supporters Directions to Canada



This took a lot of guts! That weatherman just put a HUGE target on his face by pissing off one of the greatest mass murders known to women, Hillary Clinton. Not to mention, how did this guy keep a mostly straight face the entire time?! Now THAT is talent, my friends.

Do you recall all of those celebrities who have been in the news recently because they promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election?

Well, we didn’t forget, and apparently, neither did this Oklahoma traffic reporter, who was kind enough to broadcast directions to Canada for all those who bolt out of America as soon as Trump was in the White House.

Do you think these celebrities actually follow their own promise and leave?

I wouldn’t count on it. But Canadians were prepared for this situation just in case a flood of idiot liberals came flooding into their country. They decided to build a wall to block liberals! Pretty smart eh?


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