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Forget Nukes…Putin has Steven Seagal! [Video]


Steven Seagal has been an American actor, film producer and martial arts instructor for many years. Americans have admired his work in such movies as “Above the Law”, “Hard to Kill” and “Under Seige”. Now, it looks like Seagal may be taking those titles to a whole new level.

In January Steven Seagal was awarded citizenship in Serbia. Seagal was even asked to train the Serbian Special Forces in Aikido. Earlier this month, Seagal was granted Russian citizenship. While some Hollywood liberals were threatening to leave America if Trump got elected president, it looks like Steven Seagal has actually done it.


H/T Daily Mail:

At the Kremlin ceremony, Putin said: ‘I want to congratulate you and express the hope that this is another, albeit small, gesture and it might be a sign of the gradual normalization of relations between our countries.’

When asked how he was doing, Seagal replied that ‘everything is good. We will talk later. For now just honored to be here.’

Putin, a martial arts fan, signed an order at the start of this month to grant Russian citizenship to Seagal.

Speaking at the time, a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said the actor had been ‘asking quite insistently’ to be granted citizenship.

3ac02c0a00000578-3971936-image-a-3_1480095627986He added: ‘He is well known for his warm feelings towards our country and has never hidden them.’

The ceremony came as a close ally of Putin threatened to target Russian nuclear weapons on NATO countries if the alliance seeks to expand its sway in Europe.

Franz Klintsevich, 59, a senator and leading member of the president’s United Russia Party, warned a modern Cuban missile crisis could be on the way to Europe.

The Kremlin claimed his views were ‘understandable’ but stressed it was Putin personally who decided Russia’s policy on targeting enemies.

Seagal is the latest Western celebrity to have been given a Russian passport in the past few years. In 2013, French actor Gerard Depardieu was given citizenship by Putin.

Evidently Steven Segal has been a regular visitor to Russia in recent years. In 2013, Segal joined a Russian firearms manufacturer ORSIS, representing the company and lobbying for it in the US.  Seagal even has called Putin “a great living world leader” and has defended Putin’s policies.

Well, “Never Say Never”. When it comes to Steven Seagal and Russia, Putin may think he is “Above the Law”, but should Seagal ever become “Under Seige” he may not be so “Hard to Kill”. Looks like the “Women in Red” may take on a whole new meaning now.


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