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First Appearance Since Crushing Loss, Hillary Eliminates Hair and Makeup Budget!


In Hillary Clinton’s first appearance since the presidential election loss to Donald Trump, it looks like Hillary has lost more than just the election.  Speaking at the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beat The Odds” Gala on Wednesday night, Hillary looked like she either cut her hair and makeup budget or frankly just doesn’t give a damn any more about public opinion.

It’s amazing to see Hillary Clinton go from such a stark contrast. One minute, Clinton’s Tony Montana “on top of the world” taking in millions with her “pay-to-play” Clinton Foundation scandals, the next minute she’s a woman with no title, power or self-esteem. Looks like Hillary’s loss of power has her on a real downhill spiral in more ways than one.


H/T Daily Mail:

Throughout her campaign for presidency Hillary Clinton portrayed herself as a polished yet approachable grandmother figure noted for her big smile and perfectly coiffed bouffant rarely stepping out with a hair out of place.

And so when the stern looking former secretary of state stepped out without a scrap of makeup and a noticeably untamed head of hair it came as quite a shock.

A weary-looking Hillary made her first public appearance since conceding to Donald Trump at a Children’s Defense Fund’s gala in Washington on Wednesday evening, admitting that she considered cancelling.

The 69-year-old, clearly no longer concerned about impressing the public visually, also ditched her preferred blow dry and it seemed that she had simply combed through her hair as an alternative.

The failed presidential candidate appears to have been letting down her guard when it comes to appearance since she lost out to Trump last week.

Her noticeably more tired aesthetic has been picked up by experts who say that stress and anxiety could be to blame.

Amazing, right?  HIllary loses the election and everything goes down the drain…including her looks and self-esteem. Since Hillary doesn’t have to keep up the perception of looking “human”, “soft” or “matronly”, she can now be natural looking. I guess that includes looking tired, worn-out and unhealthy. I guess since voters didn’t put their trust in her, she probably feels she doesn’t have to take care of herself anymore.

 Well, the good news is Hillary should save a lot of money by not having to worry about her makeup artists and $600 haircuts. In addition, she can now be honest or at least more forthcoming with her real health conditions, since she has no reason to lie about that anymore. The bad news is she is not going to continue raking in millions for the Clinton Foundation with her “pay-to-play” scandals.

Seems there’s a new sheriff in town and law and order are finally being restored in America! And yes, there IS a lot of work to be done!





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