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Judge Blocks Obama at Last Second, Puts Rapid Stop to Overtime Regulation


President Obama is a big believer in the government running our lives, he thinks that they know best when it comes to running small businesses.

Recently, he screwed up ROYALLY… again. Obama attempted to make it mandatory for business owners to provide overtime, which means getting paid time and a half, regardless if the small business could afford such a financial burden .

That didn’t go over well with MOST people.

A federal judge in Texas showed Obama the back of his hand and put his plan on hold.

The Hill reveals:

The Labor Department’s contentious overtime rule was blocked Tuesday by a federal judge in Texas, putting one of President Obama’s top regulatory initiatives in jeopardy.

In a 20-page order, Texas U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant issued a temporary injunction halting the rule nationwide.

“Due to the approaching effective date of the Final Rule, the Court’s ability to render a meaningful decision on the merits is in jeopardy,” he wrote. “A preliminary injunction preserves the status quo while the Court determines the department’s authority to make the Final Rule as well as the Final Rule’s validity.”

The rule would have extended overtime pay to more than 4 million workers starting Dec. 1. It would have required employers to pay overtime to most salaried workers who earn less than $47,476 annually, a much higher threshold than the current annual salary limit of $23,660.

The order puts the future of Obama’s overtime rule in doubt.

The Washington Times also reported another case:

A federal judge has blocked a Department of Labor rule on overtime pay that made more than 4 million private-sector workers eligible for mandatory extra pay or time off.

U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant of the Eastern District of Texas, whom President Obama appointed, imposed a nationwide injunction against the rule Tuesday at the request of 21 states, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups.

Business groups cheered the decision as another rebuke of the Obama administration’s penchant for regulation and for extending executive power.

“The Labor Department’s overtime changes are a reckless and aggressive overreach of executive power, and retailers are pleased with the judge’s decision,” said David French, the National Retail Federation’s senior vice president for government relations.

The judge said the Labor Department regulation exceeded the authority granted it by Congress, which he said gave Labor the right to define which workers are considered salaried but only based on the duties they performed, not by how much they made.

It’s always a good thing when President Obama’s government overreach is held in check. Since when did Obama become the expert in owning small businesses anyway?! The more the government gets involved in our everyday lives the worse off our country is, thankfully, we elected a smart president this time who will hopefully turn things around!


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