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Fans Disclose EXACTLY What They Think About Liberal Dixie Chicks CMA Performance


The Dixie Chicks returned, unwelcomingly at that, and they brought with them their watchdog Beyoncé. They were so unwelcome last time that they couldn’t take the stage alone, for good reason too. Country fans let out a gasp during the 50th Annual CMA Awards.

As previously reported, Beyoncé performing her song, “Daddy’s Lessons,” along with the Chicks was followed by a whole lot of extremely mixed emotions from fans for the CMA’s choice of artists to showcase.

Some people were downright disgusted…



And others were loving it…



The Dixie Chicks themselves appeared to have a great week, especially lead singer Natalie Maines.

Maines said that it was one of the “greatest weeks” of her life:


She also had no shame by implying after the show that she only went back on the words, “I will never perform on the CMAs again as long as I live,” because Beyoncé was going to be there:


When a fan brought to her attention that the group was used by the CMAs, she said it was A-ok:


The singer joked that she’d denied an invitation to co-host next year events:

On the Dixie Chick’s official group social media account, they responded with a simple message:


It appears that despite a CMA performance, these Chicks aren’t ready to make nice with country music fans. GOODRIDDENCE. Your music may be AMAZING Dixie Chicks, but no one likes the person behind the voice.


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