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DISTURBED Mother Accused of Injecting Feces into Cancer-Stricken Son’s IV Bag!


Ever hated your child so much that you tried to make them suffer? At least on some level, they have gotten in trouble, but this “mother” took criminal to a whole new level when she tried slowly killing her cancer-stricken son.

The incident took place Indiana, and she’s officially been accused of injecting human feces into the IV bag of her cancer-stricken son. Most likely in an effort to hasten his death, authorities speculate.

Prosecutors charged Tiffany Alberts, 41, with seven felony charges, which include: aggravated battery, and one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, according to reports.

Officials stated that Alberts knowingly injected the mixture of into her 15-year-old son’s IV bag as he underwent treatment for cancer. The woman’s actions were finally discovered when doctors encountered infections popping up in the stricken child that couldn’t be explained.


Hospital staffers placed video surveillance on the child’s hospital room to figure out the source of the constant infections. Eventually, the surveillance video showed the child’s mother injecting something into the boy’s IV bags.

Upon further investigation, doctors identified organisms that usually only appear in feces. There was no legitimate explanation for the organisms to be present in the boy’s blood unless it was an act of sabotage.2a276f0b00000578-3146425-image-a-4_1435785063493

Under questioning, Alberts initially insisted she only injected water into the bags to “clean the lines” but later allegedly admitted to injecting feces into the bags.

Doctors had strong suspicions that the woman injected diarrheal medication and weight loss pills into her son’s body, causing further harm and preventing his body from fighting the cancer.

The child responded very well to medical treatment after his mother was taken into custody. Unfortunately, it may have been too late, doctors fear the delay in proper treatment caused the boy to miss the optimal window to help him beat his Leukemia into remission.

This woman is the devil! What kind of sick freak does this to anyone, let alone their own child? There has to be something mentally wrong with her right? It’s so unnatural to want to harm your child.



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