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DISGUSTING! Men Sue Chipotle Because 300 Calorie Meal Made Them Too Full


2016 is officially the year of the snowflake.

It’s sad, yet painfully true.

Everywhere you look you’ll discover new examples of people (liberals) complaining and fighting back against nonexistent problems.

Liberals are good at one thing, though, and that’s overreacting.

Brace for it…the most recent example of absurdity comes from a Chipotle customer.

This story is a hard one to choke down, at least it was for these guys after finishing their meal.

Chipotle came out with a new chorizo burrito, which as a mix of chicken, pork, and sausage totaling just 300 calories. After three men in Los Angeles, ordered and finished the burrito, they proceeded to complain they weren’t just satisfied but were left “too full” by the meal. So they decided to sue the restaurant, according to reports.

According to reporters, one of the men wrote to the Los Angeles Superior Court filing a complaint that he “felt excessively full and realized that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories.”

Like most food chains in the U.S., Chipotle offers customers very large portions. And, while most Americans are happy to eat the hefty meal, consumers do run the risk of being over-full. But for the affordable price, that side effect seemed to be something most were OK with.

But rather than find a new place to eat, these three California men are determined to change the celebrated Chipotle portion sizes — or just get a nice chunk of change from a settlement.

I’m curious, do these men believe in a little something called free agency? Apparently not, because, unless one of their mothers stopped by for lunch and forced them to finish their food they have NOTHING to complain about! Except maybe a lack of willpower, seriously fatties will do anything sometimes to avoid the real reason they’re overweight, NO ONE FORCED YOU to eat too much. This is hilarious, what a bunch of Nancies.

How do people this pathetic even get out of bed in the morning?

Obama’s America = suing Chipotle for making them too full.images

Trump’s America = not suing for stupid reasons.

I may be generalizing a tad, but you catch my drift.


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