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Are There More Dead Bodies Surrounding Hillary? Where is Eric Braverman?


Eric Braverman used to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Clinton Foundation. It looks like he’s among the missing. Where oh where could he be?

15-0318 Vince Foster

There are rumors afoot that Braverman could be hiding in Russia in fear for his life. The story was originally floated on a website widely known for publishing conspiracy theories. It hasn’t been confirmed and the far-left website immediately jumped on the story and labeled it “FALSE.” Of course, labels everything that isn’t a bad report about a Republican false.

While the story hasn’t been confirmed, Braverman hasn’t appeared at a press conference and denied it either.


Here’s what Snopes had to say about this story.

“On 24 October 2016, the conspiracy-mongering website published an article reporting that former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman had sought asylum in Russia for reasons presumably related to knowledge he gained working for the charitable organization (purportedly supported by an email WikiLeaks released in October 2016)”

There’s been no comment from the Russian Embassy about Braverman. They haven’t denied that he’s seeking asylum.

Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to reportedly investigate concerns of rampant ethical issues at the Clinton Foundation. Can you imagine finding “ethical issues” and a foundation run by the Clinton Crime Family?

Well it turns out there may be some problems there.


The Clinton campaign has been totally panicked about the possibility of a mole in the Foundation and apparently John Podesta identified that mole as none other than Eric Braverman. Tag Eric, you’re it.

If Mr. Braverman was, in fact, the mole, or if Hillary even thought he was the mole, do you think that would be enough to paint a big target on Eric’s back? I do.

Just a fan the flames, Braverman was a prolific Tweeter. He loved to Twitter. His last Tweet was nearly a month ago on October 12. His Facebook account is nearly empty. Where is Eric?

Why is Eric’s family been silent?

Why haven’t the Russians said anything?

I wonder if the FBI found anything about Eric on Anthony Weiner’s laptop?

Will Eric Braverman ever be seen again?

My guess, is that only Hillary knows.


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