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On Day One Say Goodbye to These Cities [VIDEO]


For those of us who are concerned about illegal immigration Texas Congressmen John Culbertson deserves a medal of valor. He had the foresight and courage to force Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch to declare the top 10 “sanctuary cities” and the entire state of California to be out of compliance with U.S. immigration law which can cost them all of their federal law enforcement funds.

You read that right, Congressman Culbertson convinced the Justice Department – Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department – under the threat of losing significant funding for the DOJ – to declare the top 10 sanctuary cities in America, including Chicago, New York, and the entire state of California, to be noncompliant with federal law.

Here’s Congressman Culbertson to explain exactly what he did.

SHAWN: Obviously this is something that the Obama administration has not agreed with.

CULBERSON: In fact I, as chairman of the subcommittee in charge of all the money for the Department of Justice, I quietly persuaded Attorney General Loretta Lynch to implement this new policy this past July seventh, so it’s already done. I did it as subcommittee chairman using existing law and the influence of the power of the purse that the founding fathers so wisely entrusted to Congress. I did it quietly and and thoughtfully, and I didn’t embarrass anybody so it’s already done, pre-positioned.

Obviously the Obama administration has no interest in implementing the law, but the fact is, the law is in place and Donald Trump can implement it with the stroke of the pen at noon on January 20.

This means that all over the United States when a Police Department of any jurisdiction arrest someone and makes a determination that they are an illegal alien they are required to turn that person over to ICE so they can be deported.

Needless to say, progressive heads will be exploding from coast-to-coast. Politicians in California, New York, and Chicago have already declared that there cities – and in the case of California, their state – will remain sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Rasmussen, in a recent poll, discovered that 81% of likely voters in the U.S. want illegal alien crumples deported, only 13% are opposed. Those findings are consistent year-to-year.

Next four years are certainly going to be interesting, and if Donald Trump’s rhetoric about illegal immigration becomes serious policy then noon on January 20 could very well be a rerun of High Noon.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember when I’ve looked forward to anything more.


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