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Crybaby Libs In Denial: Throw #TwitterBlackout Tantrum!


Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the election last night against Hillary Clinton to be our next President of the United States. Donald Trump IS the president-elect. Most Americans are ecstastic over Trump’s win, but there are a few liberals that are using social media to protest the results.

On Twitter, liberals users are uniting to protest the results of the election of Donald Trump as our 45th president. Many of those liberals who were #ImWithHer are standing in solidarity and are holding a #TwitterBlackout. They are changing their profiles and covers to black and are tweeting #NotMyPresident, #StillWithHer and #TwitterBlackout.


H/T Business2Community:

The Republican candidate beat out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and will take office January 2017. Tweeting his win, he called it ” a beautiful and important evening,” adding that “we will all come together as never before.” According to CNBC, the White House statement read, “Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the President identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the President-elect is the next step.”

Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before

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Twitter users, however, were evidently disappointed that Trump was elected, as seen through trends such as #NotMyPresident, #StillWithHer and #TwitterBlackout. Users called on others to make their profile and cover photos black to stand in unity. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

LGBTQ+ lives matter Muslim lives matter Women need equal rights Black lives matter Latino lives matter

Trump did not win, racism won, sexism won, hate won, and the lack of education won.

whatever happens in the next four years Black Lives Matter LOVE IS LOVE Women Are Strong and Minorities Matter


A person who disrespects/disregards -Women -Religions -Minorities -People’s beliefs -Lives of human beings is


I’m terrified and disgusted. What kind of a person you should be to say such a thing?  


being proud to claim donald trump as your president? can’t relate.

Everything . Americans have fought for and still fighting for just literally went to the trash can the moment Trump won

We’re living in a nightmare.

I’m not American, but today will go down in history. And can effect everyone’s future.

The tweets on Twitter that support the #Twitterblackout go on and on. I’m sure many liberals including those in the MSM and others are in denial and will be for awhile now. They never thought she could be beat. They never believed in Hillary’s scandals.  They never thought an “outsider” could win.

Liberals use an ideology that deludes and inspires dishonesty. They often get lost in it. Liberals don’t believe in facts and logic that guide most people to truth. They are guided by emotions.

Trump supporters may be the #BasketOfDeplorables but liberals are the #BasketOfDelusionals.

America, the sleeping giant, has awaken. Voters said “NO” to Hillary Clinton as our next president. They said “NO” to any more “pay-to-play” Clinton scandals and lies. They said “NO” to special interest groups. Voters said “NO” to socialism and liberal ideology. Voters said “NO” to globalism.

Today, America awakens to a new day, a brighter future, a better tomorrow. Americans voted to unite America. Americans overwhelmingly voted to “Make America Great Again”. Americans voted for Donald Trump as our next president.


God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!




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