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Cowards in Indonesia Cane a Woman for Standing Too Close to Her Boyfriend – Repugnant [VIDEO]


Indonesia is a Muslim country and in one province Sharia Law is strictly enforced. One of their most popular punishments is flogging with a cane. If Muslim authorities catch you in a wide range of offenses like gambling, drinking alcohol, or standing too close your boyfriend you will be hauled in front of the mosque and whipped.


In this particular incident, six couples were found guilty of breaking Sharia Law banning intimacy. They define intimacy as touching or hugging and kissing between unmarried people. You can receive as many lashes as the imams decide you need.

A woman in the picture above receive five lashes for standing too close to a fellow university student. He was also flogged.

This type of punishment is common under Sharia Law.

Keep in mind that everywhere Muslims immigrate they try to bring sharia law with them. Here in the U.S. the vast majority of Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia Law in the U.S. Constitution and all too frequently we seen people use Sharia Law as a defense in honor killings.

It’s interesting to note that none of the people who scream about “women’s rights” and “equality for women” have a word to say about the fact that Sharia Law is applied against women in Muslim countries far more than men.

We have Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, and Hillary Clinton to thank for an increasing Muslim population here in the U.S. When one of your neighbors decides to cane his daughter for inappropriate dress make sure and call Paul Ryan’s office and let them know how much you appreciate listening to your neighbor’s daughter screaming.


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