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Thousands of Muslim Kurdish Youths attacked a Christmas tree inside the Family Mall in a northern Iraqi city, Duhok (known in Assyrian as Nuhadra) as the police stood by (much like the rioters in America today) and did ZERO about it. This is what happens as society allows lawbreakers to threaten the safety and security of all citizens with different beliefs or views.

AMERICA, PAY ATTENTION. These may be Muslims residing in another country who are disrespecting Christianity, but their lawless behavior and destruction of personal public property does not end when they cross the border. What we are seeing here is no different that what happens on American soil today.

This is also a wonderful example of why we vet immigrants coming to America from vastly Muslim countries that hate us. This is why we need to make it clear to anyone who wants to live here, “Either you assimilate or GET OUT!” There’s enough trouble with George Soros,’ paid terrorists, destroying our cities as it is. We don’t need to invite more evil into our country.

See a better quality video without all of the commentary:

Here’s a little taste of what Republicans have to deal with:


A “friend” on the page retorts:




This is proof that many liberals are blind and unwilling to see the truth. Take the man above for instance. He says Muslims are not allowed to do this sort of thing, yet if they were not allowed to do this sort of thing why are there all kinds of stories not allowed on mainstream media of Muslims getting away with serious crimes?! Take a look at Muslim Men Get Away with Rape because White Privilege.

Simply put, if Muslims don’t like our Western culture, they shouldn’t leave the countries they came from. There’s absolutely no reason for them to live in the US if they just want to turn the country into the places they left.


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