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Chained in a cage, fed once a day, and regularly taken to her boyfriend’s dead body: NEW DETAILS of serial killer emerge


New details have emerged about a victim who was chained up inside a shipping container by the South Carolina ‘serial killer.’

malaysia-grave_kuma-759There were two detectives who made the horrific discovery of Kala Brown. They rescued her from the property of suspected serial killer Todd Kohlhepp and are finally ready tp share what happened the moment they discovered her chained up inside a metal container.

“I was shocked and amazed,” Detective Bradley Whitfield, stated to ABC News.

Upon the discovery of Brown, Detective Charlynn Ezell added, “She just looked at me and said thank you so much for finding me.”

Two long months after she went missing, detectives found Brown on the 100-acre property in South Carolina when they heard “banging” coming from inside a metal container.

“I think we all saw a lot of things that day that are going to stay with us,” Detective Whitfield stated, tears streaming down his face.

Initially, a cell phone ping led investigators to look for Brown and her missing boyfriend, Charles Carver. Carver’s body was found on the property and identified by officials on Saturday.

Carver’s family credited his disappearance for helping lead investigators to Kohlhepp, his brother Nathan told ABC News, “The story happened for a reason. David was put where he was for a reason.”
Kohlhepp, now in custody, is suspected in at least seven murders. Police say he confessed to four murders in 2003, in addition to the killings of Carver and a couple who went missing in 2015, whose bodies were also discovered on his property.The couple was identified as 25-year-old Meagan Leigh McCraw Coxie and 29-year-old Johnny Joe Coxie, according to Spartanburg Coroner Rusty Clevenger. They were both killed by gunshot wounds. Their deaths were ruled homicides, Clevenger said.

Carver’s estranged wife, Nikki, has since been arrested and accused of pretending to be a police officer. She allegedly attempted to get authorities to ping his cell phone shortly after he went missing.

Unfortunately, authorities said that this case has expanded to other states as they continue searching more properties owned by Kohlhepp.

Det. Ezell gave us cryptic news, that some of the details not yet available to the public, would be “shocking” if they were released.

Whitfield tried to hold back the tears as he said that “It could be anybody’s child, anybody’s wife or husband,” “I wish we could have done more,” he added.

Kohlhepp has been charged so far for the four murders from 2003 alone, but investigators say more charges may follow. He hasn’t entered a plea for any of these cases as of yet.

Todd Kohlhepp was charged with kidnapping after investigators discovered a very distraught 30-year-old Kala Brown – who had been missing for two months – chained up ‘like a dog’ inside a storage container on his property in rural Woodruff.

In a special that aired on CBS, it was revealed that Brown was kept in a cage inside the container, bound by her neck and feet – and fed only once a day.
The container was dark most of the time, but on the occasion, when Kohlhepp was feeling gracious, he would let her walk around.

Brown told her family that Kohlhepp even dragged her to graves on his property and threatened that she would end up in one of them if she tried to escape.

She and her boyfriend Charles Carver were gone ever since Labor Day weekend.

After Brown’s rescue earlier this month, authorities found bodies of 32-year-old Carver and another missing couple on Kohlhepp’s property.



Brown was shut inside what was described as a ‘shark cage that you would put underwater’ and ‘distraught’ when police found her.


‘She was bound,’ Wright told CBS reporters. ‘There was a chain from the top of the cage to something else that went around her neck.’

‘She goes ‘I was locked up in this metal container… he had chains around my neck and I was in the dark almost the entire time.’

‘Her words were, ‘And then Todd dragged me over to somewhere on the property where he showed me three graves that had to be – or that appeared to be people buried in them.’

‘And Todd said to her, ‘Kala, if you try to escape, you’re going directly into one of those graves.’

Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp has had a sordid past from the time he was brought into this world. Can we expect his adult life would hold much of a different outcome than what it did? I’m not justifying his actions but, from the time he was an infant, this is what he had to endure.

Kohlhepp’s parents divorced when he was an infant. He moved in with his father in Arizona around age 12.

Kohlhepp had psychological problems from a young age, records show.
An Arizona judge wrote in 1987 that he was ‘very bright’ but also ’emotionally dangerous’ and preoccupied with sex.

A memo detailing a psychiatric evaluation notes that he grew up in South Carolina and Georgia and had counseling from around age nine.

The memo, with a Phoenix hospital’s letterhead, states that as a juvenile he threatened suicide, destroyed his bedroom with a hammer, hit other children and killed goldfish with bleach.
A 1987 presentencing report says a neighbor described Kohlhepp as a ‘devil on a chain.’

A probation officer stated that the neighbor said ‘Todd locked her son in a dog kennel cage and rolled it over and over. Despite the fact that her son was crying and screaming, Todd was laughing.’ Another time, she mentioned Kohlhepp banged her son’s head against clay pipes.

Court documents reveal that Kohlhepp’s father, mother, and stepfather all had difficulty raising him.

The document says the father told authorities he was ‘never successful in getting the youngster to open up’ and had to reprimand him for being a bully.

Everyone’s got a history as to why they act the way they do. Usually, people aren’t born with the love to murder, they are molded into the murders they’ve become. Be it mental disabilities, or child abuse, people this crazy need some serious help!


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