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Canada Has A Message For Hollywood- ‘We’ll Take Beiber Back, But Keep Your Left-Wing NUT JOBS!’


Hollywood Liberals swore they would move to Canada if Trump became President. So he did….and now, Canada is responding to Hollywood, but it’s not exactly what the whiny celebrities wanted to hear.


Canada says they will take Beiber back, but we have to keep the lunatics.

SURE CANADA We will LOVE to keep these LunaBahahahaha! NOPE! We don’t want them either, we’ll help them pack, maybe even buy their one-way ticket.

America’s neighbors to the North are less than thrilled with the idea of celebrities moving to their country in the wake of Donald Trump’s win on Tuesday.

A number of Canadians have taken to social media to speak out against stars like Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus who said they would relocate if Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Winder Gill of Toronto posted a picture of a man building an igloo and wrote: ‘This is Canada building an igloo wall between the US, just in case. I’ll bet you regret all of those jokes now, eh?’

He then added: ‘When did moving to Canada become the backup plan to poor decision making in an election? We didn’t get a vote.’


Another Canadian responded to a tweet that claimed Dunham and Amy Schumer were heading to Canada by writing: ‘Please don’t punish us few sane-minded Canadians.’

And a Canadian by the name of Dave also tweeted directly at Dunham, writing: ‘off you go and we Canadians don’t want you.’

That tweet drew a response from an American, who wrote: ‘You sent us Bieber, so you taking @lenadunham is more than fair. #KarmasABitch.’

Dave responded to this by writing: ‘okay we promise to take Bieber back but you keep all those left wing nut jobs. Our squirrels will eat them.’

Girls star and creator Dunham said earlier this year that if Trump won she would move to Vancouver.

‘I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,’ said Dunham at the Matrix Awards in April.

‘I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there.’

NOPE they don’t want you there little lady…Canada don’t want you.

Now we know that it isn’t just us…they Hollywood brats really are super obnoxious to listen to. Not sure where they went wrong in their lives, but they are certainly making real fools of themselves…



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