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California School District Threatens HomeSchoolers if they Don’t Teach Common Core!


Homeschooling families in Morongo Unified School District in California recently received a letter from the district apparently meant to scare and threaten them!

The district’s letter seemed to be designed to pressure families into returning their kids back to public education and it majorly twisted the words of the law!

“This is to inform you,” the district CHILD WELFARE and attendance coordinator wrote, “Education Code  48290 directs us to make an INVESTIGATION of compliance with California private school education requirements should we receive a complaint.”

The Home School Legal Defense Association reports:

The coordinator then wrote: “In California, the State Board of Education decides on the standards for all students …. These standards are called the Common Core State Standards.”

The letter concluded by suggesting that, in order to comply with these standards, parents should consider enrolling their students in independent study programs and online instruction “available through state charter and private schools.”

After we learned of this correspondence, Home School Legal Defense Association replied with our own letter pointing out the district’s multiple errors.

“This school district is implying: ‘We determine whether your teachers are qualified, whether your attendance records are adequate, and whether you’re teaching the correct subjects,’ ” explained Mike Smith, HSLDA’s contact attorney for California. “But they don’t have the authority to evaluate private school programs.”

Contrary to the school district’s letter, the California Board of Education does not set education standards for students in home-based private schools or campus-based private schools. State law restricts the authority of public school districts to oversee private schools—including those conducted by parents teaching at home. Once parents properly set up the private school in their home, the district’s authority ends.

It is true, Smith added, that public school authorities are empowered to follow up on reports of truancy. But their investigation is limited to confirming enrollment and verifying that a private school affidavit was filed with the California Department of Education.

HSLDA encourages parents to be familiar with the freedoms afforded them by California’s educational law. And if you receive correspondence that seems fishy, we urge you to contact us right away.


Dr. Jane Robbins is one of the best at explaining the dangers of Common Core. Here is the beginning of a 5 part series.


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