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BREAKING! More EXTENSIVE Broward County Voter Fraud Reported By Elections Worker!


It just “doesn’t add up” says the Broward County Supervisor of Elections voter service tech. He inputs the numbers and has noticed a HUGE problem with the absentee ballots!

We recently reported that Florida Election Employees were Caught Faking 1,000’s of Stolen Absentee Ballots in Massive Voter Fraud Scheme!

Now he says the numbers just do not add up as he is the one inputting them in the main Broward County database!

I work for The Broward County Supervisor of Elections as a VST, voter service tech. I work a poll site the day of an election. I setup, operate and close the voting machines. I have been doing this since 2004.

In this very interesting election and I have been tracking the “daily data drop” from the state of Florida, specifically Broward County where I live.

I have been inputting the DATA to an Excel Spreadsheet since 10-27-16. There are 3 main categories in the drop,

1. Vote-by-Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned) (the pot)
this number drops daily as mail-in ballots are removed from the voter roll
2. Voted Vote-by-Mail (certified ballots)
this number grows as mail-in ballots are certified and added to the vote count
3. Voted Early
this number grows as daily early votes are added to the vote count

Since I have been tracking the DATA, I found that in Broward county the number of mail-in ballots added to the vote count is more than the mail-in ballots removed from the pot. I counted a difference of 11,270 more mail-in ballots than have been taken out of the pot. This article speaks of 1,000. One would think that the verified mail-in ballot count would be less than the pot because, let us say, a mail-in ballot couldn’t be certified then not counted.

I am not a mathematician or a statistician but I am good with numbers. This doesn’t add up for me.

Attached is the spreadsheet, have someone look it over that knows excel

My name is Alfredo F. Peña, I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I a Naturalized American Citizen since 1992. Cuban born in 1964. I am a true Red White and Blue American Patriot.

I saw something, now I’m saying it.

Broward Co FL Sec of Elections Brenda Snipes and her team were previously caught red-handed engaging in massive voter fraud by filling out thousands of absentee ballots in a secret locked room.

Broward County is one of the largest swing counties in Florida. It would not take much voter fraud there to flip it.

The voter fraud whistle-blower is a former Secretary of Elections Department employee and she has filled out a sworn affidavit:

You can read the affidavit here.


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Scott Osborn is a Writer, Preacher, Political activist, as well as the Social Media Director for the TV Comedy Show, The Flipside with Michael Loftus.

Scott hosts several radio shows, including the wildly popular “Conover U” starring Rodney Lee & the Preacher..


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