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BREAKING WIKILEAKS: In Private, Even Hillary’s Staff Agrees with Us [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton’s staff have proven to be probably the most hypocritical group of people in the history of the nation.

Thanks to the latest round of WikiLeaks emails we discover that Hillary, in fact, is a cold, calculating, power crazed woman who feels like she is entitled to the White House.

We’ve known that all along, but it’s really nice to have confirmation from the people closest to Hillary Clinton.


This email turned up in the Wiki release of John Podesta’s emails.

“Gentlemen, when the Clintons suddenly emerge with the television photo op at a church when her poll numbers are down, and this is broadcast on television news alongside the latest that the Clinton’s emails may not of been wiped, it does not make television viewers regard HRC is a woman of faith at church, it makes her look like an insincere politician going to church when her poll numbers are down. And a new television ad about grandma will fare no better than the last television ad about mom.”

It makes her “look like an insincere politician.” Maybe it makes her looks that way, because that’s exactly what she is. She’s also the most self absorbed, politician in the history of politics.

Don’t expect to see this on CBS, NBC, ABC, or any of the liberal newspapers. After all, there must be somebody out there who get groped by Donald Trump that we haven’t heard from yet.

The news media has gone out of their way to make sure that issues can’t be discussed in this campaign. There hasn’t been one serious question about Hillary Clinton’s Smart Diplomacy that has turned the Middle East over to “radical Muslims” and the Russians. There hasn’t been a serious question about the classified information that was found on Hillary’s private email server.

There has been exactly no follow-up on any of the promises she made to Bernie Sanders and his supporters about things like free college and the forgiveness of student loans. Heaven forbid we should have a question about the implosion of ObamaCare.

The nation is falling apart and all the news media will talk about are trumped up lies (pun intended) about Donald Trump from a variety of bimbos who haven’t had a word to say for 20+ years. All of a sudden, with three weeks to go in a presidential election all of these women come forward with stories that are provable lies.

Nevermind that Ms. Insincerity refuses to talk to the press unless she knows what questions are going to be asked. Yes Hillary is an insincere politician, but even worse is the fact that the major media outlets in the U.S. are filled with insincere journalists. And incompetent ones.

How bad is it?

Remember this email on November 8. Your nation is counting on you.


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