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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Emails Exposes the Hillary Mole at Justice Dept. [VIDEO]


The latest batch of WikiLeaks emails prove that Hillary Clinton had a mole in the DOJ feeding her campaign information on the investigation of her private email server.

Donald Trump isn’t kidding when he says this election is rigged. It’s been rigged from the get-go.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik has been feeding the Hillary campaign for over a year, giving them inside information on what was happening with the investigation into her illegal private email server. In addition, he and other Hillary partisans have been working day and night to delay a public release of the emails.

Kadzik was communicating with John Podesta over the last 18 months from his private email account. Those emails were made public by WikiLeaks and neither Podesta or Kadzik have commented.

Among the information that Kadzik passed along to Podesta was a heads up of an impending House hearing where he expected DOJ officials to be questioned about Hillary’s email.

In addition to Kadzik, the WikiLeaks release also showed the State Department was sharing information with Hillary’s campaign and had sought advice on how to word public statements to the New York Times.

This is Democrat politics at its best. Insiders serving insiders, to hell with the American people.


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