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BREAKING: Viewers Fire Gigi Hadid From Hosting AMAs After Targeting Melania Trump


Runway Model Gigi Hadid just flushed her pathetic little career down the toilet. Sorry Gigi, but there are literally THOUSANDS of beautiful girls that can take your spot, and this little screw-up just ensured you a spot on the “forgotten model train.”

Hadid expanded her blossoming carreer from modeling, to hosting the AMA award shows. Sadly, she had a moment of tastless terrible “humor,” and after the American Music Awards (AMAs) the internet is begging her to stick to her day job.

During the awards show Sunday night, Gigi stood alongside co-host Jay Pharoah, who’s best known for his impressions. Hadid very publicly attempted her first political impression, and it was nothing short of a humiliating disaster!

Her target? Our nation’s soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump. Fortunately, Americans have grown tired of this liberal bullcrap and then Twitter targeted her.

In an awkward strained Slovene accent, Hadid mocked Melania’s intellect:

“I love my husband, President Barack Obama, and our children, Sasha and Malia.”


Being a supportive co-host, Pharoah applauded her:

“That’s spot on! That was spot on!”

People came in by the drovers on Twitter and called out the star for having a double standard:

Then highlighted Hadid’s hypocrisy:


One woman certainly didn’t hold back her feelings about the star:


A few commented on Hadid’s “privilege”:



One person even tried to predict the future:

However, some really appreciated the stupid humor in Hadid’s act:


And just chuckled at what Hadid meant to be funny:

But whether critical or supportive, most people agreed that Hadid should “stick to modeling”:


So far, Hadid hasn’t addressed the backlash…But there’s no way she hasn’t seen it, maybe she’s just embarrassed that her act was so shot down?

People should be able to take a joke I understand. After all, Republicans are nothing like our sensitive liberal snowflake counterparts. That being said, there is a difference between a joke and an all out bashing of someone’s ethnicity.


Gigi wrote a hand written apology…sadly, the only people who accepted that apology weren’t mad at her, to begin with.



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