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BREAKING: Texas Governor Will Sign Law BANNING Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]


One swift bold move will send a very strong message to liberal mayors who vow to defy the upcoming ban on sanctuary cities, Texas Governor Greg Abbott will sign a law banning sanctuary cities.

President-elect Trump made it crystal clear that he won’t support sanctuary cities, some even speculate he will consider cutting off federal funds to cities who continue to provide sanctuary to illegals.

The Republican governor responded to a Twitter user’s question asking him if he could do anything about the city of Austin, Texas pledging to carry on as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

One of the most heated battles between the GOP and Democrats starting 2017 will be the issue of illegal immigration. In his first T.V. interview since becoming the president-elect, Trump promised on 60 Minutes to deport any illegal immigrant who was a member of a gang or had a criminal record. Boo hoo, if you have a bleeding heart time to get over it. Trump’s being generous in by only forcing criminals to leave!200

It’s been estimated that somewhere between 2 to 3 million immigrant criminals will fit the bill. In retaliation, Democratic mayors and governors across the country have pledged to ignore federal law and continue to harbor illegal immigrants.


NYC mayor, Bill De Blasio, and Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel issued statements pledging to keep their cities as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

Trump made a promise similar to Gov. Abbott, who promised to block money to sanctuary cities in Texas, only Trump did one better, he pledged to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities across the country.



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