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BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Reveals Insider Scoop: Regarding Trumps Debate Questions In Advance


Fox News star Megyn Kelly squashed rumors by revealing that President Trump never received any debate questions in advance during the Republican primaries.

According to The Washington Post, an article from Kelly’s new book “Settle for More” pointed to the possibility that Trump received a question in advance before the first Republican primary debate last year.

In the book Kelly stated that Trump had apparently been told that her question would be “very pointed” and directed toward him. In fact, the first question asked during the debate was about Trump’s comments toward women, as Kelly stated he had called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

However, Kelly came out on Twitter to defend both herself and Donald Trump, stating that Trump never had any debate questions in advance. Here’s what she had to say about it:


Kelly did her part to shut down rumors surrounding her previous beef with now-President-elect Trump, but of course a great many people will still believe what they want, regardless of the truth.


Many will remember that Kelly and Trump did not get along during the election season. After the controversial first Republican primary debate, Trump said he was displeased with the question asked by Kelly about his treatment of women.

“She had blood coming out of her nose, blood coming out of her whatever,” Trump stated in an interview with CNN.

But, shortly after, Kelly met with Trump at Trump Tower for an interview with her former enemy. Afterward, Kelly did nothing but gush about the graciousness of the business mogul turned politician.

It appears, that Since then, Kelly and Trump seem to have buried the hatchet, mostly at least.


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