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BREAKING: Libs CRASH Canadian Immigration Website After Trump Victory!


Democrats know best how to act like drama queens. Let’s just pray it was the likes of Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham who crashed Canada’s immigration information web page. Either by visiting it in the wee hours of the night, or sitting on it, in deep contemplation.

Unfortunately, we doubt that it was those two clapping seals prepping their epic migration to the great white north, but let’s not give up hope. Apparently, Trump’s victory had so many people soiling their pants, that they considered moving to a socialist utopia. Don’t give up and let a little thing like a website crash stop you people….PLEASE Keep trying to get through!

The Canadian immigration site has been completely shut down due to people looking to leave the US in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as the country’s new president. Apparently, because of the sheer number of people seeking to emigrate to the country from south of the border.

In other words:
Firstly, credit where due: if butt hurt leftists promised us they’d hightail it for Canada should The Donald win, let’s applaud them for following through. Or at least going through the motions. Too early to tell. Leftists do have a nasty habit of virtue signaling, and failing to act positively. Prepare for at least four years of their unhindered tears. Maybe we should make an umbrella. Or a leftist-tear catching receptacle which we may one day need to power all of mankind’s needs. How’s THAT for an alternative energy source, leftists?

Secondly, Canada isn’t the only option. So if you’re a mourning leftist, please soak up your grief so we can use it to power a toaster, then consider your options. There’s also Venezuela, Sweden, even Cuba. Socialist countries are aplenty. Do not let one crashed website tank your dreams of living in one. Though crushed dreams are good preparation for living in a veritable trash heap that is socialism. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If they thought Trump was bad they’re in for a HUGE surprise! Socialist dictators and their regimes come in all forms of shapes and sizes. When did liberals stop celebrating diversity? One more thing to note while we’re at it, Trump didn’t win because “RACISM!” you leftist tardsies.

Now the real reason Trump one…according to exit polls from CNN, voters appear to have been driven toward Donald Trump less due to his own appeal and more because of disdain for Clinton.

Meanwhile here’s a true story of how Americans rejected socialism, cronyism and corruption at the polls on November 8th. This is how Crooked Hillary’s supporters reacted to her excruciating loss:

This was such a slap in the face for reporters who supported Clinton that it was almost embarrassing to watch them sit there in depression and denial.

Numerous factors came to play in this election to ensure Trump’s success. However, it at first glance that it was more of a loss for Clinton than a victory for Trump.


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