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BREAKING: Largest Oil Field In the United States JUST Discovered



WHAT, No way! There’s good news for once. Of course, that’s because Trump was elected and he’s doing what’s in the best interest of the country, and not himself, like our former President.

The American Energy Renaissance: a new field with massive reserves of oil, was just discovered in Texas.

It’s amazing to see increased exploration and drilling in Texas. Places like North Dakota and Texas have had massive economic growth fueled by the oil boom. Hopefully, we will only see that continue with Trump as our president! People have been scared of Global Warming for all too long, and as most well-educated people know, Global Warming is nothing but a bunch of crap liberals pulled out of their asses.
Now, in West Texas, an exciting new breakthrough has been made, a field was discovered that is larger than any other reserve of oil here in the United States.

The Star-Telegram has more details:

“One portion of the giant field, known as the Wolfcamp formation, was found to hold 20 billion barrels of oil trapped in four layers of shale beneath West Texas. That’s almost three times larger than North Dakota’s Bakken play and the single largest U.S. unconventional crude accumulation ever assessed, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. At current prices, that oil is worth almost $900 billion.”

The Pioneer Natural Resources Chief Executive Officer, Scott Sheffield, stated that the Permian’s shale could hold as much as 75 billion barrels.

“The fact that this is the largest assessment of continuous oil we have ever done just goes to show that, even in areas that have produced billions of barrels of oil, there is still the potential to find billions more,” Walter Guidroz, coordinator for the geological survey’s energy resources program, said in the statement.

Although the Permian has been gushing crude since the 1920s, its multiple layers of oil-soaked shale remained largely untapped until the last several years, when intensive drilling and fracturing techniques perfected in other U.S. regions were adopted. The Wolfcamp, which is as much as a mile thick in some places, has been one of the primary targets.

The discovery of this new oil field comes at a very critical time. As some may know, in the past few months, American relations with Saudi Arabia have deteriorated over a bill that worked its way through Congress that lets 9/11 victims sue the Saudi government for their role in the attacks.

If victims of 9/11 sue the Saudis; this could put an immense strain between the two governments. This could, or could not, be a bad thing, though. Would it be so awful to just drill our own oil? I dare say it wouldn’t! The cost of fuel would go down, and the economy would flourish. Of course, with a liberal in office the past 8 years, this hasn’t happened. Obama, like every other Democrat, wants to control the American population as much as possible. The best way to do that? Control how much money is in your pocket and BAM! You have a very captive nation.

Oil is our most reliable and bountiful source of energy, why outsource to get it? If the reason is global warming, check that box off your list, Global Warming is just a bunch of garbage that some power hungry liberal (Al Gore) came up I think it would be wise to keep something this vital to our existence on hand in our own country, and not rely on the terrorists who hate our country, to provide us with what we need.

Not to mention, why buy it from them if we have plenty of it in the United States? Using their “it hurts the earth” assumption, (which is false, but we can go along with it for a second) does it hurt the earth less in Saudi Arabia than it does in the United States? That’s a new theory, bet liberals will be able to prove this just as well as they did their little Global Warming experiment.


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