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BREAKING: Islamic intelligence officer JUST arrested over jihad terror plot


If you stop and think about how close Obama really is with terror-tied American Muslim groups, every American would be scared stiff. He’s gotten away with it all, Obama welcomed them to the White House and appointed Muslim Brotherhood operatives to key positions.

Donald Trump wasn’t kidding when he said he needs to do a major purge in order to ensure the safety of the American people.

Now, ISIS has stepped things up a notch in weaker countries. In Germany, an intelligence officer was arrested over an Islamist plot to bomb the agency’s headquarters in Cologne.

“He is accused of making Islamist remarks online under a false name, and offering internal information during chats,” a BfV spokesman stated.


Germany’s intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Cologne Credit: Getty
The BfV said the man “behaved inconspicuously” prior to his arrest. He had, since April, been engaged in gathering intelligence on Islamist extremists in Germany, Der Spiegel said.

Online chats were apparently found between the suspect and other Islamists in which he attempted to recruit them to the intelligence agency to mount an attack on “non-believers”, carrying out a bomb attack on the spy HQ “in the name of Allah”.

He used several different names online and his activities were uncovered about a month ago.
The man’s family reportedly knew nothing of his conversion to Islam two years ago and subsequent radicalisation.

The suspect was thought to have pledged allegiance to Mohamed Mahmoud, the Austrian leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group.

Germany is on high alert following several terror attacks over the summer.

The BfV estimates there are about 40,000 Islamists in Germany, including 9,200 ultra-conservative Islamists known as Salafists, Hans-Georg Maassen, who leads the agency, told Reuters in an interview earlier this month.

He said: “We remain a target of Islamic terrorism and we have to assume that Islamic State or other terrorist organizations will carry out an attack in Germany if they can,”

In July alone, ISIS claimed two attacks, on a train near Wuerzburg and, on a music festival in Ansbach, in which asylum-seekers wounded 20 people in total.

Security forces also had to respond to an attack in a shopping center. Nine people were murdered by an 18-year-old German-Iranian who had gone through psychiatric treatment and was obsessed with mass killings. Obviously that treatment did absolutely no good!


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