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BREAKING: Huma – “Hillary still not perfect in her head.”


Huma Abedin is probably closer to Hillary Clinton than anyone alive.  (Yes, that is a Vince Foster reference.)  You won’t see Hillary without Huma in tow.


WikiLeaks is on the job and letting us know that according to the person who knows her best, Hillary Clinton is “still not perfect in the head.”  We know that because Huma sent an email to all the top people in Hillary’s campaign.


Jennifer Palmieri is Hillary’s mouthpiece.  Robby Mook is her Campaign Manager.  John Podesta is one of her closest advisors and has been a member of the Clinton Crime Cartel for three decades.

The message is clear.  Three years after she fell, hit her head and suffered a serious concussion Hillary Clinton’s head isn’t working right.  Not that it ever did, but that’s a subject for another post.  Three years after her concussion she’s still having lapses.

I happen to know a thing or two about concussions, I got a mild one about two months ago.  I had a number of problems, the biggest one being, I couldn’t write.  I’ve been doing this for a long time and there’s a formula to it.  I collect the information I’m writing about, and pretty much fill in the boxes in my head to make the editorial point I’m after.

Immediately after my concussion I could gather information and look at it, I knew what I needed to do, but I couldn’t fill up the boxes in my head and  my brain wouldn’t talk to my fingers.

My doctor told me that if I pushed it and forced my brain to try to work the condition would likely become permanent and I would lose much of my cognitive reasoning ability.  Fortunately for me, it was a mild concussion and it only lasted about a month.

I mention this because in 2012 Hillary had a very serious concussion.  I suspect either her doctor didn’t tell her to stop doing what she was doing or she didn’t pay attention.  She certainly seems to still be displaying some of the classic signs of that concussion, the most prominent being she’s “still not perfect in her head.”

Could she have improved since the email was written in 2015?  Yes, she might have, but remember, this email was written three years after her concussion.  Logic says, had she been careful she’s have recovered her cognitive abilities by 2015.  If she hadn’t, and it appears she hadn’t, there’s every likelihood that the damage from the concussion is permanent.

That means Hillary has trouble connecting the dots.  Thinking fast is completely out of the question, and anything requiring serious thought will completely exhaust her.  Remember the reports of Hillary’s daily naps?

Politics aside, we need a President who is physically and mentally up to the job.  This email from her best buddy Huma gives every indication that she’s not.  Don’t expect the Clinton News Media to investigate this, they want Hillary and her handlers in the seat of power.

It’s up to you make sure we don’t have a President who isn’t physically and mentally capable of the rigors of the Presidency.  We’ve always known she’s not morally fit, but now we have clear evidence that she is in no way fit.


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