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BREAKING: FBI On High Alert Fear Of Election Terror Attack



A civil rights organization says that Muslims were questioned in eight states during the weekend over a pre-election terror threat.

Last week the FBI announced that it had received a threat from al-Qaeda, planned for Monday. In an attempt to save lives and thwart this threat that targeted the states of New York, Virginia, and Texas, FBI agents put their lives on the line in the search for terrorists in the most obvious places they would be…

The Council for American-Islamic Relations was informed from Muslim-Americans that they were approached by FBI agents who wanted to speak to them about the alleged threat. Those states included California, Washington State, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kansas-Oklahoma, Florida and Texas.

Hassan Shibly, a lawyer and director of CAIR in Florida, told the Washington Post that he received six calls about FBI agents asking questions this weekend.
Shibly says his clients were asked a series of eight questions, many of them related directly to al Qaeda.

The threat was allegedly related to Faruq al Qatani, a top al-Qaeda leader who was killed in a U.S. drone strike on October 23.

The people who were interviewed this weekend were asked if they knew anyone killed in the strikes, and if they knew anyone who might want to harm Americans at home or abroad.

Shibly said there appeared to be no connection between those interviewed (who included a youth group leader and several wealthy doctors) and the threat, other than their religion or ethnicity. All of those interviewed appeared to be of Afghani or Pakistani descent.


When the FBI announced the threat last week, they said it was vague and that they were still assessing its credibility.

Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued statements saying they were ‘vigilant and well-postured’ to defend against a terror attack and that they were working with other agencies ‘to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety’.

Officials are monitoring incoming international flights and coming up with a list of possible suspects in the New York area.

Texas was allegedly on the list of targeted states because terrorists could use its southern border with Mexico to illegally cross into the country.

Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement on Friday, warning his citizens to be alert and vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

The potential for clashes has already darkened a rancorous presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, on top of the threat of computer hacking and fears that Russia or other state actors could spread political misinformation online or tamper with voting.


While federal and state authorities are beefing up cyber defenses against electronic threats to voting systems before Election Day, others are taking additional steps to guard against possible civil unrest and violence.
Because national security is so offensive and unconstitutional, the Muslim community has released a video warning fellow Muslims of the FBI “violating” constitutional rights. One problem with that, there is no violation of anyone’s rights here, they are not forcing entry into anyone’s home. They are trying to protect American citizens from MAJOR terrorists! This is a very passive aggressive way to do that, are they really complaining about a knock on the door, if they know anything about American history they should recall learning something about the Japanese internment camps in World Ward Two?!

According to the History news network: “Within hours of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, two American citizens of Japanese ancestry, with no prior history of anti-Americanism, shockingly collaborated with a Japanese soldier against their fellow Hawaiians.”

“The Japanese government established”an extensive espionage network within the United States” believed to include hundreds of agents.”

Liberals like to hide the fact that we are very much at war with radical Islamist’s, and the governments should take into account nationality, ethnicity, and religious affiliation in their homeland security policies and engage in “threat profiling.”

Sure, these steps may contain bothersome or offensive measures but, I’d say they’re much more preferable to “being incinerated at your office desk by a flaming hijacked plane.”

I’d say these “bothersome” steps are worth it to protect Americans from people who commit savage/barbaric acts of violence such as the one below.


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