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BREAKING: Ben Carson JUST Revealed The Offer Received from Trump Administration


There were many Ben Carson supporters when he was running for President, and their love hasn’t died off just yet. Dr. Ben Carson, who’s been a faithful supporter of the Trump campaign, is now in line to potentially take an intriguing job with the next administration.

Carson was invited to be a guest on Fox News, where he discussed inner city problems and issues in the black community. Trump’s dedication to fixing those problems is part of the reason Carson avidly supports him.


“Our inner cities are in terrible shape,” Carson stated. “And they definitely need some real attention… So it is certainly something that has been a long-term interest of mine.”

Carson also revealed that he has been offered a position in the Trump administration, to be specific, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

“We have had offers, yes,” Carson said when he was asked by reporters. “I would say that [the HUD position]is one of the offers.”

He went on to say that :

“I know that I grew up in the inner city,” “And I recognize that we can not have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities.”

Donald Trump also confirmed that Dr. Carson’s is in talks with the transition team on the position:


There’s been little talk of anything else besides Trump’s cabinet selections since the election. In this case, however, there is truth to the rumor. Dr. Ben Carson is indeed a possible nominee for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The idea of such a choice is indeed interesting, considering, that the press has accused Donald Trump of being a “racist” on countless occasions. How do you think journalists will react? Will they address their own biases head-on? Or treat a Carson nomination like just another pick?


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