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BLOW UP! Hillary and Bill Have Knock-Down, Drag-Out Days Before Election!


Former Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times Magazine and investigative journalist and author, Ed Klein is known for publishing real stories with interviews and stories from those “behind the scenes” with the Clintons. Klein’s recent book, “Guilty as Sin” shares insights into the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email server.

Recently Klein shared information from his sources regarding the days leading up to election day. Bill Clinton had insight into why Hillary was losing the election, but her campaign wouldn’t listen to him. Bill claimed Hillary, John Podesta and Robby Mook were tone-deaf about the economy and it’s impact on millions of voters. Ed Klein’s sources said Bill and Hillary went ballistic days before the election. Check it out:


H/T Daily Mail:

In the waning days of the presidential campaign, Bill and Hillary Clinton had a knock-down, drag-out fight about her effort to blame FBI Director James Comey for her slump in the polls and looming danger of defeat.

‘I was with Bill in Little Rock when he had this shouting match with Hillary on the phone and she accused Comey for reviving the investigation into her use of a private email server and reversing her campaign’s momentum,’ said one of Bill Clinton’s closest advisers.

‘Bill didn’t buy the excuse that Comey would cost Hillary the election,’ said the source. ‘As far as he was concerned, all the blame belonged to [campaign manager Robby]Mook, [campaign chairman John]Podesta and Hillary because they displayed a tone-deaf attitude about the feeble economy and its impact on millions and millions of working-class voters.

mookpodesta_small‘Bill was so red in the face during his conversation with Hillary that I worried he was going to have a heart attack. He got so angry that he threw his phone off the roof of his penthouse apartment and toward the Arkansas River.’

‘Bill said that constantly attacking Trump for his defects made Hillary’s staff and the media happy, but that it wasn’t a message that resonated with voters, especially in the rust belt,’ the source explained.

‘Bill always campaigned as a guy who felt your pain, but Hillary came across as someone who was pissed off at her enemy [Trump], not someone who was reaching out and trying to make life better for the white working class.’

Bill also said that many African Americans were deeply disappointed with the results of eight years of Obama,’ the source continued.

‘Despite more and more government assistance, blacks weren’t economically any better off, and black-on-black crime was destroying their communities. He said Hillary should have gone into the South Side of Chicago and condemned the out-of-control violence.’

‘A big part of Bill’s anger toward Hillary was that he was sidelined during the entire campaign by her advisers,’ said the source. ‘He can’t be effective if he sees himself as just another hired hand. He wasn’t listened to and that infuriated him. After all, he knows something about campaigns, and he told me in early October that Hillary and her advisers were blowing it.’

Hillary BLEW it Big Time!! Hillary and her staff should have listened to Bill. Bill was right about the economy and voters. Bill was also right about Blacks. Bill was also right about his advice he gave to Hillary in regards to the south-side of Chicago violence against Trump – Hillary SHOULD have gone!

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton and her campaign had been more aligned to Bill’s past experience what might have happened? Bill declared “the end to big government”. Hillary the exact opposite – expansion was her friend. Bill pushed NAFTA and free trade. Hillary supported the extreme opposite – she campaigned as a “protectionist”. Bill pushed for welfare reform. Hillary wanted welfare expansion. Bill worked under a balanced budget for a few years. Hillary would have expanded our budget. Bill supported some deregulations. Hillary was for expanding regulations, especially EPA. Bill was popular. Hillary was very unpopular.

Bill said in his campaign speech for Hillary in NH, “I don’t fit anymore“.

The truth is Hillary is REALLY the one that didn’t fit with the American voters anymore. Had Hillary listened to Bill’s advice, the election might have had a whole different outcome, but she will never know.  Hillary, Podesta, and Mook BLEW it!



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