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Barista Spit In Trump Cup, Gets PERFECT Surprise, Bet She Didn’t Expect This Payback…


Starbucks wants nothing more than for its stores to put a lid on the latest controversy brewing over their cups.


A different kind of boycott began when a Starbucks barista refused to write “Trump” on one customer’s cup. This little controversy sparked major outrage among Trump supporters, leading to a nationwide #TrumpCup protest among coffee-loving conservatives, who then ordered their beverages with his name.

One employee at a different Starbucks location wasn’t too thrilled about this and made a giant mistake when she said that she’d spit in the drinks of every “Trump Cup” ordered.

NBC News revealed that an avid Trump supporter in Miami ordered his drink with President-elect Donald Trump’s name on it, in order to force the liberal barista to shout Trump and sound like she was supporting him. However, when the worker refused this man’s simple request, an all out “cup-war” started among Starbucks lovers. 200

A trend immediately began in “protest” of this apparent discrimination and so emerged the popular hashtag #TrumpCup which a barista in Lexington, Kentucky took particular issue with. The employee, who goes by the name of Sam Montgomery on Twitter, put the warning out to all Trump-supporters on social media that if anyone comes in and asks her to write Trump on their cup she’d spit in their drink.

The same liberals who ridicule conservatives as “childish” for this innocent demonstration of defiance seem to be fine with leftist protesters wreaking massive havoc in the streets, and apparently, they don’t see the immaturity in spitting in someone’s beverage. However, that soon backfired on Sam Montgomery when she got a nasty surprise of her own.

The Twitter-using barista said which Starbucks she works at in her post about her disgusting plans, which her boss recognized as one of their employees. As soon as she showed up to work, she was fired for her sick threat against their paying customers. Her next Tweet was a follow-up to the first, proving without realizing it, that Trump and his supporters prevailed once again. “I have been fired from my job at the Starbucks in Lexington, Kentucky,” Sam Montgomery posted.


It’s pretty sad when the left has more to say about this non-violent approach of protesting than they do about their party’s own degenerates who are still in the street blocking traffic and physically assaulting people who voted for Trump. I guess it goes to show you just how far their double standard goes, this just goes to show how deep their double standard is, as well as the vast differences in reactions from people on each side of the political aisle when they disagree with something.

Thankfully, this punk barista got what she deserved when she put her hate out there. Welcome to Donald Trump’s America bisnatch.


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