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BAD NEWS! Odd ‘Error’ Spotted On Hillary Ballots, Many Missed It


Election Day is right around the corner, and you better believe that a panicked Hillary Clinton is doing everything in her power to get a few extra votes. Sadly, it appears that she just got some bad news after a few sharp eyes noticed an odd “error” on a couple of Arkansas ballots. Honestly, it’s sad how many people missed it.

The entire debacle occurred, when an eager beaver first-time voter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, came in to cast her ballot and noticed something rather strange. As it turns out, there was a very peculiar error in the spelling of Hillary’s name, that most people apparently missed – including those who made the forms.

According to The American Mirror, there was an extra “i” in the presidential hopeful’s name on the Arkansas ballot in Lonoke County. The extra vowel puts an emphasis on the word “liar” spelled in the middle of her name on account of the error phonetically reading – “Hil-liar-y.”

Clearly upset at the fact that the name of her preferred candidate had an error, the entitled liberal started to raise a stink about it by immediately playing the blame game. “We were kind of convinced that they did it on purpose,” she told Arkansas Matters. “After looking at it pretty carefully it looked like they had put in ‘liar’ and that was after more information came out after her emails.”

Of course, they would. Liberals are all too often quick to fly off the handle without knowing all of the details, seeing how this appears to be a genuine mistake. Democratic member of the Lonoke County Election Commission, Jimmy Wallace, explained that the extra vowel was in no way foul. “We don’t like it any more than anybody else would because it is a reflection on us,” he stated.

Calm down and take a Xanax! Jeez, leave it to a liberal to completely lose their mind over something so minuscule that would later be proven — by fellow Hillary voters, mind you – to simply be an accident. Although this mistake is nothing short of hilarious to those of us on the right (seeing how it’s absolutely true), this moron demonstrates just how far the entitled mindset has evolved in this nation. Is it any wonder why she wanted to keep her name out of the papers? God forbid anyone should discover how much of an idiot she really is.


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