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Attention All White, Straight Men: Shut Up and Sit Down, YOU Don’t Matter


Over the past several years, pretty much when Obama stepped into the White House, (elected by a majority of white voters), there has been nothing but hatred, and condemnation of everyone who’s white.

Wow! I missed the memo that said people could choose their race, gender, and sexual preference. For those sitting on the Left side of the fence, this instantly means you were born with some made up “privilege.” It doesn’t matter if you were born into a family so poor that they couldn’t afford a place to live, so they slept in a tent, much less afford to buy toilet paper. It doesn’t matter if you lived in terrifying neighborhoods stricken with violence, and it certainly doesn’t matter if you’ve worked your butt off trying to get to a better position in life.giphy-1 If you are a white straight male, all of what you have was magically handed to you, because in Obama’s America you’re a goner, let’s hope Trump turns things around rather quickly.

Another crackpot leftist at Huffington Post is telling white people to sit down and shut up:

Your world is changing, white people. And there will be times when you feel like you’re being treated unfairly. Sometimes, you’re right, too. I read a story about a white man involved in a car accident with a black woman in Chicago recently, who ended up being beaten by a group of nearby men for being “one of those white boy Trump supporters.” This is wrong, it should be called out as such, and the consequences should fit the crime.

For the past several years, since Obama was elected, there has been an EPIDEMIC of black violence against anyone who isn’t black. The media refuses to report on this because the perpetrators are black. But people like Piatt will continue to claim black people are “victimized” all while young blacks are victimizing people across the country:
Black crime and violence against whites, gays, women, seniors, young people and lots of others is astronomically out of proportion.

It just won’t quit. Neither will the excuses. Or the denials. Or the black on white hostility. Or those who encourage it.

Apparently part of white people “sitting down and shutting up” means they have to tolerate violence against themselves and others because they shouldn’t make the “black kids angry.”
Piatt goes on to claim that black people are still oppressed and it’s all your fault, you stupid white people. Even though only 1.4% of the population owned slaves during that time and even though hundreds of thousands of white men died fighting to free the slaves, and even though 99% never even had relatives who owned any slaves, it’s all your fault and you have to pay the price:
Yes, some of it may actually be a swing too far for a bit, but bear in mind that, aside from the immediate effects you may see, there are invisible (to you at least) systems at work that have held people back, telling them they can’t ensuring that cycles of suppression, oppression and marginalization perpetuate the myth that, somehow poverty and laziness are cousins, or the insane fallacy that you are a self-made man.

The one and only group of people who have marginalized and oppressed the black community are Democrats. They are constantly undermining the black communities intelligence by telling them they’re too stupid to take care of themselves. The policies made so many years ago, that practically destroyed black families, and even current policies crafted by democrats, all point to one thing. White men are not the racist ones.

How do they somehow muster up the nerve to call out Republicans as the racist ones?! Meanwhile, they continue Margaret Sanger’s morbid vision of extracting the “less desirables” by having a majority of Planned Parenthood centers IN black neighborhoods.
Piatt later states that white people are just having a “tantrum”:“So go have your tantrum. Scream at the wall and shake your fists in the air. Then get on with your life. Be open to the possibility that your world has, in actuality, been revolving around you as the axis for a long, long time.”

I’d say there is a major problem when an entire group of society, be it white people, or straight men, are told to shut the ‘f*ck up and sit down’ while they get railroaded over at every turn.

The real problem is the Left. People like Piatt, who selfishly push aside half of the country, because, of their own illogical racism and hatred for people who are different.

Don’t forget, it was white men who fought against slavery, white men who fought for blacks and women’s rights, white men who fought for equality, and white men who fought for civil rights. A little hint…the majority of these white men were on the Republicans.

The only “fragility” in this country really stems from little pussies like Piatt, who believe that only certain people can have a voice. He, like other leftists, don’t believe we are ALL Americans, they want to be privileged and divide the country with their derision.

Piatt is an unusual idiot of the ruling class, these entitled liberals rely on people like him, to push their hatred forward to those who have been belittled, disparaged, violently opposed and forgotten, all because of the color of their skin.937a358159a3391b5d7fa6f8f3f3b694


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